Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well we are at leest gettng thngs in line for the auction. as it alwas happns, somthng pops up. I need srgry rathr quikly and probly the revcry period will be a cupl weeks.
heer i was blaming all my pain on my stomak paralsis, a CAT reveels a cyst on my last ovary and needs to come owt owt owt. (othr ovary was taken owt in '05) So I have a srgicl consult tmoro.
ystrday i wrrkd like til my eyes wdnt stay opn at ALL to get all the donashns i no of up and running. we reely need this to suceed. as usul, when ther is politicl cutting social servises are frrst in line.The cutting edge treetment regimen that was used on me was not avalable 5yrs befor. Today? thay have a TABLET that can cross the blood-brain barier. that is HUGE! to reseev intrathecl treetmnt, to get to th spinal fluid, yuo need a tap. or a lumbar punctur. eech time yuo get that treetmnt. cos up to now, if yuor cancer is in yuor brain, radiashn and intrathecl treetment is what is. now thay have a PILL??? sine me up! lol
wate. dont. jus wish it was ther whn i needed.
but my longwinded retarded point is....reserch is panefly needed! treetments are being tested and funded evry day. to get the results tho, thay need the dollars.
thats wher yuo and i come in.

pleez help make ths auction grate.
help me make it grate!

Heer is my Lite the Nite web page, honoring David House.

And heer is kathy's page

Realistcly, i need evry one of yuo. I go for srgcl consult tmoro, and then no clue. but th recovry time wil be a few weeks proly.

so if yuo can, keep putting owr page up as advrtismnt, and mabe ask kathy if thers anthg yuo can do to help if yuor reely ambishss. lol

love my peeps!
thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day!

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