Monday, June 13, 2011

Auction Item--Vik's enchanting braselet

Vikota's shop speeks litrly of her talent. it breeths her.
in her other shop, Lavinias room, yuo will find this simple and all encompassng verse.....

We are a mother, daughter, 
cousin team. We create with our hands, 
our minds, and our souls.
"You must see the invisible
in order to do the impossible"
author- unknown 

That just stirrs my soul, dosnt yours!
Heer is her beutifl offering for owr cause.

an exquisit pearl braselet!
Let the bidding begin!


  1. I will start the bidding of this lovly pearl braselet at $5. whos gna nok me owt!

  2. I bid $22.

  3. Love it! I bid $25.