Sunday, June 12, 2011

Auction Item--Deb of Cranky Cat gives $20 gift sert!

Deb's Cranky Cat has lit the world of baby fashion rite up! onse yuo set, or eye in her shops yuo will nevr agen settl for bunnys and duckys. slam the doors open to the VooDoo Kitten and just go ape over all the cool stuff I promise yuo will have way too mcch fun looking!
and if yuo havent had enuf(WHO CAN!) slide ovr to the Cranky Cat Studio of Bonanzle
I have owned sevral items of hers and can attest to rugged items worthy of being washd 100+times, and thay are cooooooool!

in her own words: I started my business when my son was born. I was disappointed to find nothing but cutesy pastel items when I began my shopping, so I made my own. I had an online store and threw on a few bibs on a whim. When they started selling I switched to baby stuff completely! I have now branched into toddler as my business grows with my son. And I try to throw a few adult items in when I can too.
I try to keep most of the items I have made up at any given time, but sometimes if something sells I don't remake it right away even though I keep it listed. I do work a full time job, so please have patience with me if I make your item up new as I usually have to do most of my sewing on my days off.
If you are in a time sensitive situation, just let me know! (I always like a good excuse to not go to my real job. LOL!) 

She has given us a $20 gift sert, not to be used for shipping.

SO this one will done diffrent. If yuo are intrested, leev a comment and say what yuor fave thing in her shop is. I will do the random pull, after numbring yuo all. so get that 'lucky' out!


  1. how yuo do THIS one is yuo simply comment 'hi my name is sara and my fave thing in her shop is the outragesly cool bandana pants and dresses!"

    get it? good! ther wil be a random drawing, so get yuor name heer!

  2. meredith/blossom countryJuly 1, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    going for the drawing. I love the receiving blankets. Wondering how much they were and saw this drawing. Thanks

  3. My favorite item from her shop is the tutu dresses...still contemplating getting one for my daughters 3rd birthday
    ~Kiyomi D

    kmonkey13 at yahoo dot com

  4. I am so excited to have won!!! Now I think I may just get that tutu dress I have been wanting :)
    I am also a gfc follower, feel free to follow me back