Monday, June 13, 2011

Auction Item--Heather Raabe and the fun she gives us to ware!

Heather's shop has tons of glass tile pendents! just look at em all!  She has donated 1 of the winner's choise!! so get ta choosin and biddin! Man, its so hard to chooooooooose!!! lol heer, lemme help

no? that didnt help at all? *sniggersnort* didn think so! BUAHAHAHAHA
go have fun look yuorself. and then deside.
and then BID!!!!


  1. I LOVE thees littl things! thay are so fun! i'm starting th bid at $5.00! wana nok me owt?


    Betty Hanson, frend of Paul Wortman, ses on his profile today June 26, 1:51pm, that she plases a bid of $10 on this item! THANKS BETTY!