Saturday, June 11, 2011

from the trenches

Helo! Got yuor evning libashn of choise? pjs on perhaps? snuggling erly evning and tryng to conjur up dinner by flopping yuor 'I dreem of Jeannie" ponytail.........
yuo just get a sore neck.
my mama visitd last week and i was honstly sad to see her go. btween my medicl drama and the gettn to no th baby....ther wasnt mcch down time. but we did steel some porch time! thats owr hidy. and evn more so when I too can heer al th birds and lazy bumblbees.we talk abowt evrythng and nothing. famly(of which i no not mcch of) and kids. 5 yung peepl!

most of all we sit. and rock. and sit somme mom srprised me by bringing her 'vacation hair! hahahahahahaha its a wig, she has menopause onset alopecia, and chek it owt i think it looks well on her! She is 60 , born in 1950, so corect me if im rong. but she is beutifl. and goofy. and silly. and crazy. and we went thru.....what owr relashnship went thru was tested by fired, pounded on the anvil, and testd thru th fire agen. it is double bladed. it bends. and will not brake undr th wrrst of trials.

She is a story for anothr day.
rite now I must trrn yuor lovly attn to the amazing ONLINE AUCTON!!!!!

Starting June 17, Eech donated item will have ther own blog page. It will feature the donated item, and give info on the shop/artist who is giving it. We will give all websites, pages, etc of them so you can get a full vew of who owr genrus gifters are.
At the end of eech rite-up, I will begin the bid at $5. and in the comments will be where the fun will play out! yuo can enter as many times as yuo wish. but yuo will be rsponsibl for eech item yuo bid on.
 The Week of July 11 will be Ultimate Push week, and we will ask all sponsors to max owt promoting. There will be a prize to the SPONSOR who brings the most peeps to the auction that week!

on July 29th, (honoring my dad) at 8pm, The auction will end and we will go thru and get the winners and ther bids!

(this is gona be so so fun!)
Then the sponsors will be notifyd and whn the winners have pade, and the payments have cleard, yuor prizes will be sent to yuo! YAY!

I encurag all bidders to enjoy this and to share it wth frends, knowing it is a good needed caus. We want to max owt owr potentil readership to get th most benefit for this effort. A movement! perhaps ths wl be owr 1st, of many online auctions to benefit Lite The Nite!

BOTH my and Kathy's teams are named "HEERS TO HOPE!"
 And I gota brag!!!!! The Original HEERS TO HOPE TEAM HAS BROKEN, no SMASHD TH RECORD!!!! HEERS TO 100K~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! GIMME an H to the ELL YEEEH!!!!

But I have got to kik it to get this online auction a real deal and I need YOUR help to do tthat! Ther are 3 ways you can help me.
1.  You can donate an item/servise for me to auction off, undrstanding tthat all proseeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

2.  You can eegerly wate for June 17, when the auction is set to begin, and bid bid bid!

3.  You can give us free advrtisemnt and furthr our caus and effrts by simply posting our link on yuor web page, like facebook, twitter, etc.


NOw to put it bluntly, i'm not at top form. LUCKILY!!!!! I hapn to have th vry bestest frend in all th world and her best thng is organizashn. and we are both charing this so yuo will see alot of her. Kathy Fry.
kathy coms down, rents a hotel room, and we proseed to PARTAY!

aaaaaand shes a biggr go-gettr than i am!!!!
so Operashn Online Auction is ON!!!
Peeps Start yuor engines! I am begining to get yuor own pages that yuo can use for plugging yuor wares.
the comments on yuor blog are yuor votes for yuor items! Unless othrwise stated as a random grab.

we will plase all pages on a 'Front Page so peeps can browse. is what we will use to grab owr winners!
and THAT, my frends, will happen July 29, at 6pm, honoring my dady's bday, God Rest his soul.
OK. yep iv made it colorfl tday. eezy on th eyes. happy to reed. and ya just cant wate to get in, rite!!!! The money we rase will be split btween 2 Lite the night lLymphoma pages.....
and kathys

in fact, this is a very good start in order to get yuor hands drrty and get reely involvd!

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