Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light The Night Walk Online Auction

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light The Night Walk Online  Auction

Sara Luptowski and Kathy Fry are givin a showt owt!
Call for sponsors to help raise money for my team in the Cincinnati Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk!!

begins 8 am June 17
ends   8 pm July 29

We am asking for your help in raising money for our Light the Night Teams by providing a donated item for our online auction.

Click heer to see how the auction will work for bidders!

To become a sponsor:

Donations pleez! All items are tax deductibl! I will give yuo proper documnts for that.

Donated items must be worth at leest $5.00. If yuo are able, adding a small free gift is cool. just a littl somthng. but its not rquired. if yuo do, put it in the rite-up of the item.

The Week of July 11 will be Ultimate Push week, and we will ask all sponsors to max owt promoting. There will be a prize to the SPONSOR who brings the most peeps to the auction that week!

Pleez list ALL of your websites/stores/pages you would like me to publicize. I promis to promote yuo and give yuo as mcch free advrtisng and exposur as possibl!

Pleez rmembr, this is a DONATION. Neether yuo or we will be making any money on this. All proceeds will be split betwen thees 2 pages, mine~ and to Kathy's page,

If yuo wod like to make a donation to our team yuorself, pleez also chek wth yuor employer as many have a contract to match donation contribushns made by employees!

If yuo wod like to join our team in addition to your donation for the silent auction, that would be awsom!

this is not a rquirement but a request.  I wod  love to have eech sponser bring at leest 1 reader to 'follow' my blog, simply cos I do charity spotlites alot and want to reech more peeps. I will sertnly retrrn the favor!

Publisity is KEY, rite? SO! All sponsors will be requested to share the auction link on yuor page at leest 1x/day and share yuor favrit thing on it. You cannot choose yuor own item. Dont stop at th rquirement! If yuo like, blog it, mentn it, tweet it, and most importntnly SHARE IT WITH FRENDS!  It will be grate for you and yuor sales and yuo will be helpng sch a worthy caus.

We so apreshate yuor assistanse and input in this auction.

As yuo can see on my page ,we are asking for $1 donashns!

I wod soooo apreshate yuor help! C'mon! Be a HERO!

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