Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bonne Fête des Mères!

Happy Mother's Day!
My mama, playing her belovd piano, When The Saints Go Marchin In. *hart*

Memrys floodd eech of us ths weekend. Tell me yuor favrit memry. what was the best lessn yuor mama taut you? what tradishn of your mothr's that you gladly do for and with your own child/children? If your mama has passd across tthe river, how do yuo honor her in yuor life?

It oftn comes down to gifts, on Mother's Day. whn owr children are yung, we relish tth scribbl wrrks of art. Then come tth burnd tost and orang juse wth a boquet of dandylions. then an upgrade in tth brekfast in bed. later, perhaps a nise card wth a promis of chores done. still later, reel gifts frm th hart, like a speshl book or a potting plant. and onwrd to tth 'growed up' gifts......of boquets of roses or othr loved flowers, jewlry, etc.

Heer's a few ideas if yuor mama is a charitbl giver herslf.

any gift you send on that website, yuo have a drop down optn of hundreds of charitys to donate 10% of your total $$ free, to a charity of choise. Your mother will reseev a note saying whch charity you chose. *hart* and thay have stunning florals! and same day optns.

Botanicals for HOPE
lotion and skin care made by a cancer patient that gives back to the cancer society! i can prsnly attest to this line of products! (speshly the olive lotion and the lip soothing balm.
as always 10% all net profits go to cancer charitys listed in my policys, and I have a charity section. chek that owt!
if yuo love ebay, chek this out. if yuor there anyway, go fr the charitys!

Now THIS just blew me away! I love it and what it dos.
Safe Motherhood Kits
that is STUNNING! $24. amazng. Give a safe kit to a soon-to-be-mama in a 3rd world, in your mama's name.

thees are jus a few ideas.

Pleez add to ths list. its jus a thrown tgether one, as im so tired i can hardly peep. lol
At $35, this has a 20% net profits to Leukemia and Lymphoma Research Foundation

At SolsticeD's shop you will find this lovly necklase......
At $45,
$5 from the sale of each piece is donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
sneek into Divingdivas23's shop and we find......
I created this butterfly necklace for my mom. In honor of upcoming Mother's Day. My mother sadly died of cancer in 2005. I am donating $20 of your purchase to cancer research."
ok. now YUOR TURN! ADD ON! and i will update.
Happy Mothers Day!
Make it a grate day!

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  1. what a wonderful list of charity gifts. I would love to be a part of it!