Monday, May 16, 2011

Wireless and Other Musings

Where wod you like to invest some sereus money. charity dosnt count, cos we all have incredbl needs close to owr harts. No , this is purely a 'if ya had a cool free mil' questn.

I wana invest in REAL WIRELESS. an ii meen seresly WIRELESS. it dosnt cownt if i have to plug anythng in at all. i have a state-of-the-art iMac, 24incher.....and yes no mattr what yuo have herd, SIZE MATTERS.....we have wireless ' the router rite heer in front of me. along wt my 1T extra hard drive. my cool bluetooth fone. that iPad i'm in love wth. In the living room, the Mac Mini is owr full media entrtanemnt sistem along wth its own 1T externl hard drive....movies, cable tv, whch is overshadowdd by 'net tv, but still! its ther!, music, and i can surf too and this baby is conectd to evry computer in th house with its entrtaning abiltys(that # is 5-7 dependng on who is home. all macs) now jus a small plug heer.....that mac mini cost $400 wth intel! so, yeh! ask me more! lol but heers wher i LOSE IT!!! IT IS ALL PLUGGD IN. the smaller devises are charging. and i detest throw-away battrys. but STILL!!!!
WHY am i STILL tripping ovr, and strugglng arownd WIRES in a WIRELESS age??? eh? eh??
so yeh. Thats wher my money is on. The guy who stands up and shows me how i can throw away evry powr strip in my howse away. be it a windmill in my bak yard or a solar helmet for my bald hubby to ware. whatevr!

ok. lol. rant ovr for now.
I have resently ben featured on a lovly blog, regardng my pit bull photographs and i was delited.
Take a peek with me Lisa's lovly little window table, "This Road of Life"
Her week was on philanthropy, as yuo can see. Sevral wondrful choises. Her style of riting is conversashnl too, like yuo are sitting ovr a cup of coffee wth her. Doncha jus love that! *grin*

Heer is the print she showcased of mine, and it can be bot rite heer in my shop, Through Sara's Eyes
The page also tells you of the charity DRAW that this photo provides for.

what a handsome guy!

Now aftr looking at Lesa's blog, i strongly sugest you follow. I love the hart to hart way she invites you to share a few moments wth her. You can follow her on facebook heer.
and DEF take a slide over and breeze thru her shop, Lesas Plunder Place

ok! I am shaking myslf off and 'getting bak to wrrk'. I'v ben in a tornado of emoshn.
We finly went on owr honymoon, aftr bout 7yrs of marrig. my trip has givin me lodes of raw materil to wrrk with, and I have gottn some up.
Tre Sunrise, $35 with free shipping til the end of may then free shipping if yuo buy 2 things

$35, and 20%net profits to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Research Foundation.

Life 19 Chair, $35 with free shipping til the end of may then free shipping if yuo buy 2 things

The rest of my 'off' time.....hubby saild rite thru gallbladder srgry and is fine, the eldest son Donnie is safe and sound in Cali, .....bittrsweet, yes. vry happy for him, to be so sucessfl and happy. and i got my bionic ears! and am still gettng used to them.
HEERS a funny bowt that.
my ear doc kept saying bfor we got them tthat i wod have to do my part, and be dilignt and not give up soon. i had no clue what he ment! he jus sed some peeps are a bit ovrwhelmd.


take las nite for exampl. hubby, aftr a medisinl amownt of tequilla, is in the kichen while i am in the livng room. waves of disgustng body noises erupt from th kichen wth the forse of Old Faithful behind them. i sed "OHMYFREEKNGGODTOM!!!!'
he sed"i gess i gota get used to you heering all that, ay?"
and i sed 'and i gota get used to heering it??? nok it off!'
aaaaaaand he sed 'ya nevr complaned befor!'

I leev yuo with tthat. *grin* thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day!


  1. Hm. Charities aside, I would like to use my money to find a quiet little corner of the world that I can simply call my own. Now, that could turn into an investment if I make the land work for me in some way. But beyond just wanting a really super-cool-nifty place of my own, I haven't done much thinking. LOL

    And, truly, thank you for showcasing me on your blog! That is very very sweet of you. I appreciate it more than you know.

  2. Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't congratulate you on your belated honeymoon. So, congratulations to the both of you! Lovely photos, as well!

    And congratulations on your new ears! Your story about it made me giggle. :-)

  3. I didn't know you had problems with hearing?
    Love the new pix from your honeymoon. The rainbow is beautiful!

  4. juliet isnt it neet how we can jabber in cyber and miss silly stuf like that? *grin* HUGGYS to yuo!