Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thinkng Ahed

Fluorescent(copy and pastd! ha!) pig tail curl bulbs for yuor home. all the wondrfl enrgy saving advise and promise! in fact, we now have laws in plase that the old bulbs are being fazed out. and yay! tthat IS good.
'sept fr 1 thing.......
alot of peeps stil dont recycl reglr stuff. let alone somthng like this, whch has an OSHA warning rite on the label. mercury. nasty. who wants to be rsponsbl to be adding THAT into th environmnt?!?!
i secretly thnk my cancer was partly due to the mercury content of the fish i relishd frm the Illinois river. the power plant rite ther wher i grew up was a possibl culprit, in my mind.

so ok. bak to thees bulbs. aftr a long time promised, thay DO indeed evently burn owt and yuo have to get rid of them. heers what i fownd.

what our close caring frends at the EPA tell us leeds us on our way.
Step 1: Assess Your Facility – Assessing your facility is a key step to implementing a recycling program. In assessing your facility, the following questions should be answered: How many fluorescent lamps are in the facility? Where are they located? How often do you change your fluorescent lamps? How many fluorescent lamps are you disposing of each month and year? How are you handling and storing the used lamps? Do all employees know what to do with a used fluorescent lamp?
Step 2: Become Knowledgeable about State and Federal Requirements for Managing Fluorescent Lamps – Consult your state’s regulations for state-specific requirements for managing hazardous waste lamps, noting the specific requirements that pertain to the Universal Waste Rule. Lamp recyclers should be aware of state and federal requirements and will be able to provide assistance in this area. A link to a list of recyclers is provided under Step 3.
Step 3: Select a Recycler
um ok. it gives us http://www.lamprecycle.org/?16107d88 but that seems like a comershl.

so i go to good ole google. whch to me, is way more than th tipicl consumr will do. thay wod jus pitch em. whch is my point.
 i found Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers that has info broken down to states. (oddly NOT the lots of states we have, only a few) but Heer i can find an exact locashn to call and get to. so job done.

this is an extra rant yuor treetd to. lol feel free to add.

and also
pleez feel free to danse.

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