Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Day with my Son

He is headed out to Cali, to live. 26yrs old, college grad in phlebotomy, and finansly indepndnt......and in love.
All for my boy. humor, wisdom, grace, faith, hope.
earth, air, water, fire.
alwas cast your cyrcl to pray.
remembr your pack, as you go to create your very own.

and keep your way home lited brite, yes lited brite.
My blessing and my love, in sooth

A tribute to my Son.......skip if yuo find thees silly thngs boring. I was 15 whn i gave birth. and Its ben a crazy adventur evr sinse. Heers to more!

I am a Monkey Man! Im glad You Are A.....Monkey.....TOOOOOOO

look, he stil had hair

Donnie and Genrul Lee

Thay cleen up nise!

still on the Illinois River

Gradiated at last!

prety prowd

we are both so so yung

GoofTards Rock!

YES The S is Silent Stooooopid

Donnie and The Prinse


Crazy Fam

all growed up

Last Supper lol

Stellar Uncle

Pwetty Pwinsess Bon Voyeggy party

Happy Mamas Day '11

His Girl, Brandy.....who hes leevin for

Uncle Donnie and Bubby

Uncle Donnie and Bubby

Brats, evn if tthay are growd up


me and my son

too cool!

Queen Luna

Joy of our harts.....Keisha

i LOVE this. and yeh, the joke ws funny

Donnie and his littl brother

last pic wt Pappaw

Party Suppers

Me and Donnie


  1. Bittersweet day...sending that angel to watch over you. Love travels Donnie...

  2. Awesome tribute to the grand occasion!! Maybe we can travel together to visit them, ;)!!


  3. Have A safe trip Donnie... It's hard to believe you are all grown up , you have made everyone proud of you , especially your Mom... Be safe babe.. : )