Saturday, May 21, 2011

Call-out for Sponsor Donations for my Silent Auction to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma REserch

 This post has ben edited, rules are flexibl rite now and open to sugestn.

Thats rite! That time of year agen! bring owt yuor colors, red for blood cancers, lyme green for nonhodgekins, and lavndr for hodge.
remembr, tho, whn yuo put yuor susan kohman pink breast cancer pins away tho.......that cancer has no color. it is devstating, in all its many fases.
and this is why we walk. marathon. tri-athlon. fite back!

My Heers to Hope battle cry has ben used ovr and ovr. When i frrst startd to tipe on a supprt bord, i didnt no it ws misspelld and the grashus peeps on th bord just went wth it. by th time i fownd owt it was misspelld, evrybody on the support bord was using it! and it has now become a fixture! HEERS TO HOPE is on shrrts, and othr items.
at Julie Meryl's website.....she too is a fiter, tryng her best to get the beast down

The 1st Heers To Hope team is San Fran Heers To Hope Team which is an award-winning team. It has grown and is a sereus big gun in the donations. Thay rock. I'm thrilld to partisipate in somthng so signifcnt.......and named in my honor! bahahaha! *grin*

Heer is my cincy links This is my persnl page, we are walking in honor of David House, a sersly cool guy who is kick ass inspirashnl.
We have truly becom fam within fam.

I am captn of this team, and we have a hi gole that i'd like to smash to bits.(my personl page is in this groop too)
So far, my son Donnie is th other membr, but I expct more peeps on my teem soon.

we are asking for $1 and $5 strate donashns. yuor rite! its NOT mcch! *grin* but it is somthng we can all do. and if we all do it.......well jsst imagin!

~~~~~OK, for tdays charity.......gess what it is agen! BAHAHAHA

For a new Lymphoma fundraser, i am asking for spponsors to donate a prize!!! This will not be a free one for contestnts, but a mnth long silent auction! The sponsors are asking that ther items be donated tho. I will rite up this in my blog tomoro. This will be fun!

I wod love those who are intrested to speek up! :) and i dont want tths to just be 'etsy' peeps! this is good publisity, so yuo scentsy peeps can get in on this actn too! or anybdy els who has bisness to offer.

rules are
the item donated must be worth at leest $5.

give me a link to the donated item, and by all means, all yuor plugs/shops/pages/etc. yuo have . I will give yuo as mcch exposure as i am able to do!

Up in the air about shipping. As this is not a free gift to contestants, mabe shipping charges are aproprat to apply also? give feedbak pleez!

I wod love to see eech shop add 1 reader to my blog. and I will retrrn the favor! have the reader yuo have gottn to follow my blog to say in comment that thay have ben steerd heer by yuo, and i will do my bestest! (im asking that, not requiring it! I just have a babyish 100readers, and I want to reech owt to so many peeps)

Just so yuo understand, yuo or I will not be reseeving any mony from this. all monys will go the Leukemia and Lymphoma Reserch Foundation, per my page linkd above. If you wod prefer to join my team and make yuor own page and have the proseeds go to YUOR page, tthat wod be awsom! Info on the walk itself is at the bottom of the team page. 

Publisity for evrybody is key, rite? SO! All sponsors will be required to share th link to yuor page 1x/day and share yuor favrit item on it so far. You cannot choose yuor own. And dont stop ther!  i sugesst blogging and mentning it, tweeting it, and most importntnly SHARING IT WITH FRENDS! it will be grate exposur fr yuo and yuor sales, and yuo will be helpng a worthy cause.

The tentativ timetable is June 17 thru July 29th. It will be a silent auction with bids stopping at 6pm July 29th. The contestnts who are bidding shod add who brot them to the auction so tthat seller is regnized. The Week of July 11 will be The Week of Ultimat Push, wher we all just max owt promoting. Ther mite be some sponsor insentives givn ths week.
All donated items are tax deductbl, and I can provide documntashn.

 We all benefit from this, so lets jump on it! frrst we need prizes!!! pleez convo me!   Onse I have prizes to share, I will get this set up!

as always

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