Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OK now im nervus. lol

surgicl consult today. to take away the ofending ovary and probly the uturus. i no tons of women do this evry day. its a common proseedr. i'l be fine.

its not th dr i dont fully trust. its my body. i dont trust my body. its let me dwn alot! so if IT cooprates and dos wat it shod, this shod be a peese of cake.
wth fudg ising.

stomak paralsis is th pits too! LOL
SO! heer is me now......

and heer is wt  i wil be aftr th srgry......

i can alredy see th resemblns. *sigh* 42, screechin rownd th cornr to 60.

pleez! keep owr auction in mind! it starts ths weekend! yuo dont want to miss owt on this treasur trove!!!
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  1. Personally, unless there is an absolute diagnosis of cancer in those areas with second opinions and all of that, I don't believe in having them out. I believe in nutritive healing, sometimes having to refrain from tea, coffee, alcohol and other (more or less) poisonous to a weakened body's ability to heal itself edibles and drinkables.

    This is just something I'm dropping by for you to consider. It is not my intention to interfere in whatever procedure you feel is best for you. I know that healing can be a very prickly subject and I don't want to offend you or pretend knowledge and understanding of what is right for you.

    In other words, never mind me, do what you feel is best.

    But just remember that in spite of surgery, you can still be your sexy 42-year-old self. I know a lady who is quite feminine and utterly sexy and several years older than you who went through the same procedure. It will just take getting the right proportion of hormones, which might take a little tweaking, but it can done.

    Lots of hugs for you!

  2. Lesa thanks so mcch for tthat hart-felt commnt! wth my stomak paralsis, my diet is liquid nutrishn, so it codnt get any mor strict. but we ARE gettng a 2nd opin. the past cancer i have had ways hevy on owr harts.
    but i apreshate yuo lifting me up! thank yuo so so mcch!
    HUGGYS rite bak on this beutifl friday

  3. I understand. I guess with stomach paralysis you would indeed be on a very strict diet. I'm glad that you're going for a second opinion, though. You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. All good things to you and for you, sweet Sara!

    (((( Sara ))))

  4. Wishing you luck. what did the surgeon say? Also.. how long does the auction run??

  5. You will be fine.... make sure that a family member is with you as soon as you come out of recovery to watch over you. (I am very sensitive to anesthesia and have a little they had to keep me awake and breathing)
    I had my factory taken out after menopause due to ovarian cysts...I don't miss it.

  6. cheryl the auction runs til July 29th.

    and thanks evrbdy!