Friday, September 2, 2011

Sara's Spotlite~"Whats Your Latitude?" by Roger Lumpp

Introdusing yuo to Roger and his brain child, Whats Your Latitude

In his own words....
I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) in April 2010 and subsequently completed 8 months of ABVD chemotherapy to fight my disease.  During my various treatments, tests, and recovery periods I would often close my eyes and project myself to a specific place from my life that I loved until the treatment ended or the nausea went away. 
The underlying positive emotions I felt were what helped me through some of my longest tests and toughest recovery periods.
During a relaxing drive to my aunt and uncles’ lake house in the Kettle Moraine region of Wisconsin, my wife and I were discussing our love for the particular latitude that cut through Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, and Northern New York where she grew up.
After the next week’s chemo session I had my “ah ha” moment on the couch in my family room where I connected my thoughts and found the word to describe the place I was escaping to mentally during scans:
My Latitude.
For the final half of my 8 month long chemotherapy adventure, my mind was kept occupied with the simple goal of building a platform for everyone to discover and communicate their Latitude to others.
Through living the emotions associated with our Latitude we can lift our lives above the stresses that inhibit our growth as individuals and as a society."

A very cool consept. ther often is a driving need among thos who have fallen to this, and have the need to create comunitys, support bords, armor and anythng els that can get us thru eech day. and it dos not stop at remissn. Nope, it dosnt. 

I apreshate this becos it is somthg yuo work owt for yuorslf. and yuo can begin anytime. and anywher yuo hapn to be. evn a hospitl bed. close yuor eyes and begin. and if yuo can only focus for an hour btween pain meds, whch was th case for me, then that hour is well spent.
i like this posibilty too.

my latitude may chang. thru my jorny, it isnt the same as it was whn i was watching those roses so carefly, hoping thay wod make it thru winter so i cod too. now its diffrent. 

thanks Roger, for lettng me share. and thanks readers for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Make this a grate day! This video of Playing for Change will help ya on that! Click and enjoy


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  1. A very cool concept indeed! Of course you know where my latitude is!

    Love ya!