Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shameless begging

Yep. ats what ima doin. I reely want more readers and I want to no what you wod like to reed about. and I wod like yuor input.

What wod you like to see in this blog? what makes yuo want to check owt blogs?
  1. life storys
  2. comedy (lol whch IS my life story)
  3. to chek out new shops 
  5. *insert your reeson heer* 
 I'd like it to be more interactiv so hit me wth yuor best ideas.
yuor my peeps! i want tto be relavent to yuo and yuor day.

i was fumbling abowt what to rite about, and my best frend sed 'rite about rain'. she sed ths cos she nos me well. i love th rain. as soon as i can smell the air chang i throw opn the doors. mud and water smell so cleen! I love the feeling it gives me. i feel clensd. brite and shiny and hapy. I feel fresh. enrgizd. All my cares seem to slide off me along wtth the raindrops. 
only thng i dont like bout rain is muddy-puppy-syndrom. omg. mick is an inside dog. so he gos owt. and coms bak in. and he dos tthat sevrl times. whcch meens he practly gets a BATH eech time he coms in. but, hay, ssmall prise to pay fr having warm puppy and happy rain.
It is also a lovly time to sit on yuor porch, if possbl, or at leest by a window, andd reflect. on just how dam cool yuor life is.
and it is.
we all have problms, and pain, and diseese of one kind or anothr........
but truly

Life Is Good.

We had a fam get tgethr last nite, i call us th crazy 8s, now that Alexander 1st grandchild is wth us. and it was just GOOD. relaxy. wachn th kids intrmingle. yabber. wach Alex throwing pizza evrywhr. The love of my life bside me. (well,, usly. bahahaha) 
NEVER take the UP fr granted. 
*wagging my fingr at ya, and totly rockin the Nana look*

Til I heer from ya all, I'm gna go ahed wth shop of th day feature, and I'd like to add a cool charity of th day.
As yuo all mostly no, I'm a frrst time Nana. My Prinse Alexander Nikolai Rules his kingdom of my living room well.
I have ben privlegd to be included in this shop owner's treasury, so I thot I wod share her with yuo cos she reely is the treasure heer. Come wth me and step inside Zenful Goods shop

This is devine vintage gold, $14.99 and less than $3 shipping

Pouring Choclat! What a lovly set, at $14 with $6 shipping

a lovly wall or counter peese, at $9.75 and $5.95 shipping

Her shop is filld wth a vast array of eclectc and whimsicl finds, yuo must browse.

Cool Charity of The Day! 
I'm gona be totly selfish on my frrst one. (reely my 2nd one cos i kinda cownt that awsom Shelter rite up my 1st)

Heer it is. Julie Meryl's Cafe Shop Dedicated to End Blood Cancers 
In her own words......
"After being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2004, I became devoted to ending blood cancers. After many failed treatments I had stem cell transplant in 2009. The transplant worked but did not get rid of my leukemia. Thanks to my amazing father, we are selling a number of products with unique graphics on them. Show your support and help raise awareness of blood cancers with our items."

Portion of proceeds goes to Lymphoma and Leukemia Research Foundation.  AAAAND I wil spotlite for all th wrrld to see that freekng spellng is OVRRATED! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
the story behind this is aftr my diagnosis of th cancer moving to my brain, i lost some cogntiv functn. as i began to get it bak a littl at a time, on a Mac computr cos it is all pictur relatd, i joind a net supprt grooop  
and startd tiping/talkng to peeps. wel thay wr vry polite. and didnnt reely mentn my ovbes erors. vry polite. i sined all my posts "HEERS TO HOPE!" nobbdy corectd me, and some actly thot i ment it tthat way. so it became an entity unto itts own. Last year we had 3 teams acros th nation in the Lite The Nite Walk for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Research Foundation using my battle cry as ther team name. Im hoping fr mor ths year. :) so get on julie's link, go to the very bottm, and click on "HEERS TO HOPE" and see all th cool stuff yuo can get, noing yuo are helpng too.

Thanks for joining me in a cup of coffee. Make ths a grate day!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Etsy shop Zenful Goods on your lovely BLOG!
    I will spread the love!
    You are a jewel!
    Thanks again.
    Zenful Goods

  2. Hey, Sara! I think just write what comes to you that day :) All of what you listed sounds great - a nice combination! And you sure highlighted a wonderful shop! Peace and joy . . . Catherine

  3. hapy hapy joy joy tht yuo both commentd! kk
    hugs and pats all arownd. tday is friday and im alrdy on ovrlode. is it 5 yet?