Monday, March 28, 2011

Full Circle Shelters, A Humanity Anser to Disastrs

Delete........phobia or lazy. Yuo deside. Or are you exacly like me?

I seem to not be able to use that button. Anywher. When my hotmail inbox got to over 10,000 REGULR emails not read, i embarsngly sent an email to my peeps that sed due to tech diffcltys I am now swiching to Gmail.
When my gmail got over 10,000 REGULR emails not read.....I sent an email owt saying due to tech diffcltys, all my emails wer acdently deleted so if you had sent me somthng importnt pleez re-send it.

I have over 25 pages in my etsy mail. but it IS all read. why am I holding on to it?? I tell myslf, its so I can quik-grab sombody for my blog...heer. But I blog peepl I reely feel for, so thats not it.
Sombody on the SIMS forum sed thay have a limit message storage, so I have HAD to delete ther. Same for my lymphoma supprt site.

I'm a cyber horder.

Now my hubby wod say alot about that not being only in th realm of cyberland, but hes not heer so I can just keep it at this. ;)

While I try to figr owt why I am delete-shy, lets take a look at somthng reely cool.

Full Circle Shelters
My best frend and her hubby have developd a sereus ansr to sereus humanity problms in the fase of disasters. Kathy and Dennis Fry have truly created a masterpeese. Take a look.

A look at the frrst thing on there gole page speeks volumes on this quest for disaster releef.
"Full Circle Shelters is an idea that has been in process for many years.   An original idea for an easy to assemble, reusable utility building has evolved into much more.   As the need for temporary disaster relief housing became evident, the design was finalized to that goal.  The resulting shelter has been described as too good to use as only temporary shelter... "use it as a permanent house and get people out of temporary shelters sooner".

Heers wher it reely gets cool. The $1 donation. Chek it out!

We are currently building partnerships with aid agencies and relief organizations with the goal of manufacturing shelters in the areas of need.  Our micro manufacturing facilities are designed not only to produce housing but also to employ local workers right in their home towns and villages.  We believe in the adage that the best way to help people is to provide a hand up, not a handout.  Our goal is to provide safe, economical housing and hope for the future through jobs.

How will we fund shelters and low income housing?  There are basically three ways to fund a project like this:
- donations from individuals and companies willing to help others
- grants from government and industry, whether one time or ongoing
- profits from retail sales of our cabins, home offices and small houses
We will be using all of these methods, with a little different approach on the donations.   While we will happily accept donations of $10, $25, $50 or more, our focus is on spreading the word about what we are doing and asking for a $1 donation from many people - plain and simple people helping people.
The current United States population is about 310,000,000.  If only 1% or 3.1 million people donated $1 each, that would equal not only 1050 small homes for those in need but also jobs for low income families.  That is a true "bag for your buck".

Please send us your $1 donation and encourage everyone in your social circles to visit our web sites and donate.

Help us in housing humanity.

Is that cool or what! 
Pleez take a look at this website, 
Tgether, our $1s can make a huge diffrense.

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day! 


  1. I am amazed and humbled that you have featured us. Thanks just isn't enough.

    Love you!


  2. BackyardNaturePhotosMarch 29, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    This is wonderful!