Monday, March 14, 2011

Cranky Cat Selebrates! Mega Giveaway!

The prizes are awsome, the shops are uber-cool. You do not want to miss owt on this giveaway! Cranky Cat's Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion is having this amazing giveaway! Like, comment, and win on all yuor faves! You have til March 26 so hurry!

I'm happy to offer the winner's choise of any 8x10 floral print in my shop.
be shur to click on the collections, as sevral have 3 and 4 other pics within the sets.

And dont forget to stop by and thank Deb, Cranky Cat shop! Her baby stuff is amazng! too cool. You wont find bunnies and ducks heer! I can persnly attest to the quality of thees items too. I have some fr my grandson, and thay stand up to wash aftr wash!

I will rite more later, regardng prayrs fr Japan among othr stuff. but i want a seprat post for this giveaway! Like, comment, win!