Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Things we say.
When I was little, my brothr being 4yrs yunger than me, my mom wod say to us whn she was mad, "Your gona think tthat, rite upside your head!"
well, one day
my brillant brother desided to anser back "mom do yuo no how stupid tthat sownds? what dos that evn meen?"
To which, she educated him. rite upside his head. WHOP!
now puttng my absolut glee in seeing my brother whoppd aside, I did lern somthng.
Things we say matter.
Thay also have direct consequnses.
Yuo can't pass to sombdy els yuor consequns of what yuo say. OR YUO SHODNT BE ABLE TO.

We live in a world wher evry action has a reaction. It just dos. So we need to be vry carefl in owr actions. Delibrat.
consius of the possibl fallowt.
and fase up, whn it comes.


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