Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scary Times

Wisconsin went ahed and voted withowt the Democrats, which is illegal.
Wisconsin's latest

Michigan has voted into law thtat any town/city declared by the govnr to be in fiscal crisis will be subject to the mayor/govrmnt of tthat town/city to be taken ovr by a contractr put in plase by that govnr. I cant begin to name how many thngs are rong wth this, but agen it is abslutly illegal.
The Michigan ordr to gane cntrol of Detroit?

In New Hampshire, colleg students are calld foolish by the republican Govnr who is trying to take away ther rite to vote.
Partys Clash on Students Voting Rites

I find all this horifyng.

I wondr. Bfor the Bush Admin, I was a republcn. truth, I was. But for a party tht professes it wants smallr govrmnt, it shur is wantng to micromanag evry sngl aspect of my life. Thees 3 storys , taken tgethr, look like a presise way to get rid of the democratic vote.
Ther is a claus of FEMA, ttht ses if the nation is in a state of natrl disastr emrgnsy, th presidensy will not chang until said emrgnsy is declared resolvd. um. by th president.

I am angry.
President Obama is not the Mr. Obama I voted for. President Obama has made some needed changs, but his constant atempts at bipartsnship in th fase of the constnt repub NO has changd him into an inept president. I voted for a strong willd man wth his own visn of how change can wrrk, and i shared tthat visn. his wrrk to th white house exsited me and gave me hope.
Repubs have ben quoted (Bohner) saying, 'my job is to get him owt of offis'. thers no room fr bipartisnship ther.
jusst go in and do how yuo do.

Im shockd and dismayd at how the Republicns are taking blatntly illegal meshurs.......and nobody is standng up saying 'AY! YUO THER! YUOR UNDR AREST!'

ok. sed my peese. and I am open to polite debate.

on a liter note.......(or not) th prise of gas is going up.
evrybody is freekng owt.
gess what.
it gos up evry summer.
chek it owt. it reely dos. we'v got commitees on it, speshlists, peepl dedicated to findng owt why.
to me?
ths is like saying "ok. has anybdy notisd.....the sun is stayin in th sky a bit mor evry day?????? sersly! nobdy nos why! but we have teams dedicatd to findng owt why! just relax peeepl!"

*snark* yeh, i no. shudddup alredy.

ok. worky!

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Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day!


  1. Scary indeed.

    Aghast...appalled..horriried...cannot even BEGIN to describe how I felt hearing what was going on in Madison last night. Anger as well, of course.

  2. So very true. It is scary what's currently going on. What happened last night in Wisconsin was disgusting. As is that Michigan law. I mean what they did was downright illegal. You are right about Obama too though. He needs to step up now more than ever and take charge of what's currently going on.

  3. Well, perhaps they will rue the day that they get what they wished? How much more is possible?

    Beggar the working class, eliminate the middle class, disenfranchise agents of change, ie students and radicals seems to be a recipe for the end of this grand experiment that we call America. Divide & Conquer :(

    Listening to Gerald Celente is crazy making and Jon Stewart is good comic relief.

    Stock the pantry and vote locally,that is if we'll still be able too ;), is my only plan. <> dj