Friday, March 18, 2011

Turn To Japan

Doing our part in helping Japan, pleez think abowt buying from this incredbl list of grate items and beutifly generus shop owners.
Evrybody in tthat group is donating at LEEST 50%, and most are donating 100% net profits of ther item to Japan Relief.
It is a drop in tthe bucket. but those drops fill buckets! Rmembr tthat!
I jusst HAVE to point out the shop owner, Treasures4Artemis, "Thanks so much for featuring my photo! %100 of the profits from my shop (no matter what item) will go to help those who have been affected by the earthquake/tsunami in Japan."
WOW. i meen WOW.

Its imprrtnt to rmbr tthat small donashns mattr so mcch. if yuo cant buy, take a look at thees.
American Red Cross Donate Page, Japan Relief is the top choise

I encurag yuo to add to tths list. I am only recmending those 2, due to ther top levels.
Ther are so so many peepl who are doing amazng thngs, to give to Japan.  and what I ws saying abowt evn small gifts? When I do owr lymphoma walkathon, we ask for dollar donashns, and 5dollar donashns. its eezy to do tthat! and it sooooooo adds up! yuo stil get th satisfactn of helping, and yuor not braking yuor own howsehold during tths finansl crisis.

I am amazd and in awe of the Japanese.......ther has ben no looting or rioting or any of th kind, tthat i'v seen at leest.

May we all help rebild them, and the House of The Rising Sun stand agen.

heers to hope!

Thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day!

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