Saturday, April 9, 2011


Chernobyl's Legasy

I am going thru tths essay.
I may not finish it.

But my consiens demands tthat i share it and give it as mcch atten as I possibly can. This is tth ravages of a disastr tthat is daly barely contaned. It cod happn anywhr. any time.

We in the USA take so mcch for granted.
Consider fr a moment.

Not sins our revolushn from England has a foreign military ben upon our soil.
Yes, we have had terorists. But we have not had to live wth day to day bombings, or peeple slamming into our homes or fearing evrybdy and not noing WHO to trust.
We tend tto think in abstract.
We 'donate to tth cause'. 'invest volnteer time'. 'send care pkges'. and tthat is ALL VRY GOOD AND NEEDED. I'm jusst pointng owt our isolashn 'over heer', away from most of the "land world".

Genrly, natrl disastr brings th world tgethr fr a few months. we have fund rasers, and ware ribbons and vow to do 'whatevr it takes' to help owt the country or area aflictd.
and tthen.........
OUR world goes on. and this is what remanes.

The Hope Org 
look at that site!!! isnt it amazng! I didnt drag any of th pics. so click on the link. and bookmark it! This is th Mother of all donate sites as ffar as i can see. I'm still checkng thngs owt on it and if it is at all shady i will ttake bak ths referal. 

It is vital tthat we rmembr and continu to help, evn aftr thos few months tthat tragdy hits th news.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Make it a grate day! 

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