Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A very unique product ~ Botanicals for Hope

Botanicals for Hope

This is a product that ws created wth uber-sensitiv skin in mind. The creator was a cancer patient. Skin care to a cancer patient is of utmost importns. well, among lists of importnt thngs tto stay on top of! Skin care is way up at the top.  Espeshly radiated skin. Damag from radiashn is cumulatv.
I no. I'm a patient who has delt wth radiashn. It coses a sunburn and somtims sores. skin integrity is vital to keep treetment on track.

Thees products are natural, additive-free, and perfect for sensitiv skin. Lots of peepl have sensitive skin! Not just cancer patients! A lovly basket of these products wd be a sweet wondrfl use-abl gift, AND you can feel just super-awsom-fantastc for buying theese products! just take a look! heer is part of her , Kim Luker, mission statement

Botanicals for Hope will donate a portion of your purchase to help support organizations, programs and foundations that offer wellness and support services to cancer patients, their loved ones, and survivors.

so PLEEZ! consider this while yuo are christmas shopping!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing--I'm going to check out this skin care. This time of year, we need extra protection against the wind and cold!

  2. Thank you Sara for highlighting Botanicals for Hope. So sweet of you!