Wednesday, November 3, 2010

meet in the middle

its an old country song. i shur wish the politickn thinkn of th day wod 'get it'. cos i shur dont. owr headlines sed Obama must lern to do more fr bipartisnship. ??? i'v ben pissd tthat hes ben doing TOO MCCH of that! th helth care crap we have now is directly due to the republcans continual "NO"s, til it was , 'well ok, NOW?? how bowt if we take THS owt. NOW wil yuo say ok?" whn we had th majority vote to push thru.

*shaking my head*

i just dont no.

not shur if yuo can evn get PASS the hilareus 80s country rockwanabe of this, bt it ws a big thng bak in tom sawyr tertory wher i was born an rased.

Diamond Rio Meet In The Middle

whn the white house was last red, we lost a hell of a lot more than anythng any american lost under any other american presdent. we still have blue. stil have hope? not if he just lays ovr.

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