Sunday, November 14, 2010

and I wonder.....

Ok, so I started this blog to be more of a persnl coach to myslf, to help me fulfill my gole of being completly helthy and wheelchare-free by nxt summer.
THEN I desided to trrn it arownd the corner and use it primarly as a work blog, to talk abowt only work related stuff........


only work is boring! isnt it? to yuo? i meen i LOVE what i do! but how many othr peepl (besides my hubby) do i reely want to sit down fr a long while and lisen to mminute detales of ther work??? and im shur yuo, reader, feels th same.


thers going to be a middl heer. we will still 'get owr job done'. and we will add some regulr talk too.

yuo mite be thinkng rite now, sara what th hell is th point? we NO yuor wrrkng arownd to somthg. OK OK! yuor rite!
so i'm standng at th sink last nite, cleening a cupl dishs whn the naybor dude's upstares bathroom window pops on. its a bathroom window cos its tthat thik ice cube stuff? and im not a peepng sara, but it just poppd on. wel his siloette(screw evn TRYNG to spell THAT!) was moving all arownd distracting me frm washng this vry importnt cup. so i lookd.
he was standng wth hs bak to th window and lookng at a miror at th opsite side of th room. yuo mite thnk now how do yuo no THAT if th window is ice cube sstuf?
cos he ws acting like a GIRL! and it ws SOOOOOOO FUNNY!
he was tucking in his shirt, puttng his hands in hs pockets, (his shadow ws good, he ws rite up agenst th window) and then he wod trrn sideways fr a minut. then he untucked his shirt and mussd up his hair, and lookd, stil wasnt hapy, and pulld th shirt off an walkd away. i no i no, i shood have walkd away too. but see this cup had a stane on it and had to bbe scrubbd.
so he came bak wt apartly a diffrnt shrrt. and went thru th entire montage agen. finly trnd off th lite and went owt fr th evning.
c'mon honstly girls did yuo no guys went thru ALL THAT???? my tummy hrrt frm gigglng so mcch! what a 'tard! what a dufus! what a GIRL!

and if yuo happn to be my naybor.......i didnt see anythg. what? what???

OK! now for the 'worky worky'!
Today's fave finds......yestrday i did a cool Native American treasury, and a cuple of the shops are below. i'l add mor shops in days to come.

 Jstinson's shop       
The beadwork in this shop sets it apart and is storytelling in itself

Jstinson's ShopVanFleetStreetDesign's shop
The wide aray of artistc desine in this shop will delite yuo, i promis!

see??? told ya! cool, huh! *big grin*

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detales on how to enter are on tthat page, and are eezy-peezy. 2 steps.
i get so anoyd when i try to enter a giveaway and thers like 10thngs i gota do! lol
so on mine,
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Have a grate day! heers an offering from MY etsy shop
thees are gift ideas, awsome wall prints.


  1. LOL Sara, you are so funny!! Love the blog!

  2. The way you write is quite engaging. I have a feeling it will be a success.