Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google and Me, Best Buds

Acording to the profesy of Jim Gaffigan, yes Google and I are indeed best buds.
just a sample.....
why camping is stupid
But sereusly I have a confessn......yuo mite want to sit down.
Sara Luptowski

have spelling problms.
I NO! i NO! thats a shock to yuo and yuo need time prosessng it.
Wrrse is EVRYBODY tells me ' just use spellchek'......like spelling makes me mently challengd too and I hadnt thot of that amazng posiblty.
Spellchek gives yuo a list of wrrds to choose. OR . it just adds a wrrd in. and if I have to choose, oftn I cant regnize whch wrrd I need. AND. If it adds a wrrd I am tryng to spell, oftn the reslt is hilares. and TOTLY off. 
the best solushn IS INDEED for me to spell foneticly and for yuo to be abl to sownd it owt. (speekng of which? th guy who DID create "Phonics"??????? is freekng going to HELL! its FONICS FRCRYNOWTLOWD!!!! and ...oh nevr mind)

NOW. Google? somehow nos what I'm tryng to say. And I have to thnk, YES Google! That IS what I wantd! How did Yuo NO! Oh Google yuo make me feel so speshl. Yuo just no what I'm thinkng. Like yuo reely 'get' me. Yuo reely take th time to no me. I thnk I have a crush on yuo Google. *battng my eyelashs at the monitr*

Now tthat I'v totly wastd yuor time, Today is the giveaway being hosted by Polina of KoTriangle!
and I honstly cannot wate to see who won. I'm very exsited. It has ben alot of fun and I hope yuo have enjoyd her blog.

Tomorow is the last day of entry on MY OWN giveaway! so clicky clicky! TickTock! Check out ystrday's blog on detales of how the giveaway will take plase. 


I have come across some amazing native talent and want tto showcase some of it. CloudBurst etsy shop is just succh a shop tthat id like to offer.  
Craftmnship and talent is obveus and the jewlry displayd is stunning. Take a look, the child braselets are espeshly lovly.
$48 wth $5 shipping, isnt this beutifl?

The child braselets are $15 with $2.50 shipping. and I LOVE thees!

anothr child braselet, lovly

another sweet child peese

This is an incredibl peese, as the pin wheel can be removd and the necklas can be worn alone. $85 with $7.50 shipping

Another incredibly talented native artist is Beadacious1221, and ther are some lovly uniqu items heer.
Lets take a look.
$92 and free shipping, this is gorgus

STUNNING $115 and free shipping

HAD to include this, the christmasy $55, free shipping

I love the detale! $77, free shipping

$137, free shipping and this is gorgus
I have sevrl othrs that i will wrrk in. I'm running way behind today! So thank yuo for sharing an aftrnoon coke with me! Have a grate evning!


  1. Wow - nice choices, Sara! Did you promote on the NA thread?

  2. Thank you so very very much for posting my shop on your blog!! AND what a GREAT BLOG it is!!!

  3. Hi Sarah, I love how that necklace can also be worn as a pin. Good stuff, all of it! Google is such a silly name to begin with, so what we can expect, right?

  4. Luv them all Sara, and your profound insight too, especially, you make me smile!!

  5. Sara - You always make my day complete! Love ya darling!!!

  6. Sara, love your blog, your so cute, I love reading what you have to say everyday.