Thursday, December 2, 2010


We have all wated, and have ben anxus I think, at leest a littl. I no i have! I was very pleesd to have so many peeps intrested! I assined numbers just down the line to all who enterd, if yuo enterd on my facebook, yuo got 2 numbers. Then, tiped in my number spred aaaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd

The winner of any 4 prints from my shop, eether a set or a make yuor own mix and match set 8x10 prints IS!!!!!
Mrs B! #34 was her lucky number.
SO, Mrs B  Il be contactng yuo so we can make some magic!

Thanks evrybdy els for partispatng! I loved gettng and meetng new peeps. Ther will def be othr giveaways. AND I sertnly AM intrested in hosting a giveaway for yuo, if yuo wod like to get in on the fuy, fellow shop-owners! just contact me. we'l wrrk owt detales.

Im positiv I'l rite mor later, do my bit and then worky.
but had to get the winner pickd!!!!!
Congrats Mrs B!!!