Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Sun Shines Agen

Do yuo read the bible? I have. 3 times all th way thru. 1 of my favrit verses is "It came to pass...."
isnt tthat grate! It didn't come to STAY! It came to PASS!
Ther are lots of thinggs we can hold ontto tht promis for. Whatevr yuor faith. Ther is a commn goldn thred. Care for the Human Condishn. Worship The Hi Power. Give Thanks.
I can debate theolgy, feel free in comments.
I do want to hold on to tthat thot tho.....'It came to pass"
We oftn are hit by things tthat seem like a forevr-thing. tragdy, loss, pain. But the truth is. It Will Pass.
I lost my dad in '99. The pain i feel tday is as bad as it was then. tthe GILT i felt is NOT as bad. so see, it came to pass.
We have tragedy. My cancer dx was tthat same year. I ignord it for 9mnths. not smart. the battl was extreem. but heer i am. the hard part came to pass. I have stupd crap now tthat i deel wth and that same goldn thred helps me. I no it will pass.

God is not confined. He has many names. He sent His Son to th most civilizd part of th wrrld at tthat time. did yuo notis tthat? he didnt send him to america wher the natives lived, or china, or tibet. it was civiln sosiety, who tthot thay had all the ansrs tthat neededd an atitude ajustmnt, it seems, if yuo take wht th bible ses to hart.
and I just find tthat intresting. cos millions of peepl wake up, and imedtly hit ther nees. or walk owtside, and begin to pray.
If yuo dont reed th bible, ats ok. yuo can see the same testament in othr plases. like i'v just described. and othr ways tthat I havnt evn imagind, I bet.
A remindr tday, to look UP. if yuo keep lookng at th mud puddls during a rain yuo will miss the rainbow. If yuo are getting wet anyway, yuo mite as well danse.


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  1. Sara, This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much!

  2. I'm so happy! thank yuo for reedng *smile*

  3. Sara, I love your blog and I love Candy Thomas's work. Thanks for both!

  4. My daughter had a nasty kidney passed

    I have read the New Testament many times and the Old straight thru once ( although there are old Test books I go back to again)......I rely on God's mercy and loving kindness to get me past situations I cannot change.

  5. Sara thank you for featuring me and thank you for such an important reminder.Very uplifting.God bless you.

  6. Sara I can't thank you enough for featuring me.Your post today is very timely and uplifting,you are such an inspiration.

  7. You always raise my spirits, Sara!!

  8. Thank you Sara, reading your blog always makes my day a little brighter!