Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tradishns, selebrashns and famly bonds.....with 2 aquarian parents

No mattr yuor faith, ths is a speshl month isnt it. I'm one of those who will come rite owt and say Brite Blessings! Merry Christmas! and if yuo happn not to be earth-based or christian, I fully expct yuo tto respond wth yuor own! I dont no why peepl feel th need to throw a bunch of negatv arownd. any time of th year but espeshly during an obvesly happy time. if i say Merry Christmas and yuor jewish, holler back happy Hanukkah! if yuor athiest, just yell 'rite bak atcha!'

Happy Festivus!

Happy Yule. Britest blessings to yuo, truth. I love tradishn. th littl thngs. i tire of peepl who say christmas is too commershl. it is wwhat yuo make it. make it what yuo want it to be. i'v ben counting down on facebook, my versn of my constructn paper christmas chain as a kid. i did it wtth my own kids. decoratd links and made a chain and evry day we wod pull one link off and cownt down to christmas. wth my own kids, i added a 'do somthg' on th inside of th chain, like do sombody's chore in secret! or party supper! or bake cookys! it put th rite feel i wantd for th kids. we donated to th food bank and took mittns and gloves rappd up anonmsly to peepl. it was so fun.
it is what yuo make it.

iv got my gifts to rap. i love to do ths by th christmas tree. sippng Grand Marnier. and my packgs rival anythng coming owt of santa's shop! ribbns and bows and evry littl item rappd. tto me it looks magicl. my kids grew up wt tths. whn we , tom and i, got marryd it ws new to his kids. but tthay quikly enjoyd it!

What is yuor favrit charitbl thng to do during ths time? wht gets yuo reely feeling like santa?
just a persnl plug heer, my shop  gives 10% of all net profits to thees charitys in a round robin form
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation
American Cancer Society

lets walk tgethr thru time.....i'l show yuo some magic. keep in mind, i rap EVRYTHNG. so tho th gifts look tremendus! lol tthats th point. and its all gifts. frm all of us to us. owr kiddos have lernd to enjoy giving too. but let me wow ya a bit.......look thru th window wth me......

Lee, my dad, wth my kids th last christmas he was heer in this lite
see? how prety thay ar rappd

ths is th stocking extravganza. and yes the adult kids beet th crap owt of eechothr wt thos swrrds!

owr party treets whn we put up th tree

aaand a close up of thos pakgs. christmas explosn
some wod say, holy shit!
but 5 kids, 2 parents and a dog in a pear tree.
and sides. underware and socks are rappd too. *snigger* but choclats and othr treets like tthat too.
imagin. 'oh. wow. tthanks. undrware.'
nope. we get the most retarded goofyst dingy boxers possibl.
and a t-shrrt shur to insult eech of them.

cos tthats what 2 aquarian parents DO. *evil grin*
Mr and Mrs Satan

Brite Blessings
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy(?) Kwanzaa
Happy Festivus
Merry Im-a-growch-and-dont-selbrate-anythng



  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I don't like how people say that it's commercialized either. It is what you make it lol. You can make it about family and being together or all about gifts. I love this time of year too.

    Haha at the last line of your post :].

  2. so true mike! big whiny butts, rite! lol hay i jus clikd follow on yuor blog!

  3. BackyardNaturePhotosDecember 22, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    Sarah, you just brightened my day!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Saray, once again you've brightened my day. Have a warm, wonderful Christmas.

  5. Thanks Sara :]!

    Yeah, I don't get why those people can't lighten up. I mean even if they don't believe in anything, the holidays are still fun lol!

  6. It is generous of you to share your Christmas with the rest of us.
    Many thanks...and many blessings to your entire family

  7. Happy Holidays! I have never had a problem with anyone telling me Merry Christmas, I just respond with Happy Holidays myself. The only thing that bothers me about "commercialization" is that they start putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween even starts. I personally want to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving just as much as Christmas and would like them to hold off until the day after Thanksgiving personally. That is me though. Anyhoo you have wonderful holiday and your tree looks wonderful!