Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

The reeson for my tiping cannot be explaned more than rite heer! LOL reed this and yuo wil DEF undrstand why auto corect is NOT an awsomcool idea.

SO how are ya? Funny how no matr how th week gos, Friday perks evrbody up dosnt it. Got some spring in yuor step. "TGIF!" No dout about it, Friday is lovd. Whats yuor favrit day and why?
I wrrk from home, so I have a grate boss. She givs me flexbl hours. lets me play SIMS. declares it PJ Day at leest onse a week. yep. got a grate boss. *wink*
Our oldst son just graduatd last summr and is now a phlbotmnst.....a lab guy who takes blood. he rode a bus fr 2 hrs to scool and 2 hrs from scool and had a job at th locl grosry store tthat he walkd to. Now, he was born wth clubbd feet wth complcashns. thay wr bakwrds too. so tthay had to be totly re-bilt. he has had 4 majr surjrys on them. and will have anothr. but this one wil imoblize tth ankl. he has less thn 30% cartlag in his ankls and th srjry is a must have. but hes puttng it off as long as posibl. hes 26. I bring ths up cos walkng is tuff for him. but yuo wdnt no it. and he walkd to wrrk.
NOW, he has a job tthat he lovs. wrrks in an envirmnt he lovs. he dosnt go 'to wrrk' evry day. if yuo do wht yuo love, tthats th magic isnt it! I'v told my kids tths, as othrs have. if yuo do wht yuo love, yuo wil not 'go to wrrk'. make yuor educashn years cownt. milk thm fr all thayr wrrth. be greedy. during ttht time, think of yuorslf. ths is whn yuo get to do wtevr yuo want.
we have 1 down, 4 to go! *smile* thay are amazing peepl, owr kids. thees yung peepl. i'm so blessd.
If yuo ar not in yuor 'favrit plase' at wrrk, i'm shur yuo have ways to 'create' yuor own littl iland. Pleez share!
frm pics to littl bottls of sand frm a vacashn, wht have yuo done to bring some happy? or are yuo doing what yuo love! share!

To be honst, like th name of my blog ses, its taken me a long time to get heer. And ther have ben mountens I had to cross. Vallys of death to walk thru. When I cast my cyrcl of prayr, i am deep in humilty. gratitud. I'm stil on a evry-6-month-rollercoster. but i'm ever gratefl. and most days are Friday for me. *smile*

OK! Worky Worky!

This native glass artist has an incredibl talent tthat just amazes me. Creating tiny glass just leevs me in awe. Itsexpressions shop is a treshur trove. Come, chek it owt.
STELLAR. this braselet is just awe-inspirng. $60 wth $8shipping

THIS is th one i fell in love with. "Cool Rain". $50, wth $8shipping

look at th detaling! $50 wth $8 shipping

This next artist is a photographer, and the cards are whimsicl and naturl.  BackyardNaturePhotos invites yuo into a magicl back yard. Lets take a look tgethr.
This is 1 of a 5-card set, $11 with $3shipping. now isnt it Cutetastic!!

Anothr 1 of a 5-card set, $11 with $3shipping.

This is th newest! OMG 5 pics of this rascl! $11 wth $3 shipping

Welp, thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day!


  1. Uwetsi Asgaya ( Egg Man )December 10, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    It's always great sharing coffee with you Sara, wishing you an equa iga.

  2. You are the bee's knees Ms. Sara!

  3. Sara

    You are truly an "overcomer" and I believe this blog will help others to conquer their challenges as well

  4. tthank yuo! and ViKotas, it is my hope tthat i can shine a littl lite on sombody's path. Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens sed "Against the force of laughter nothing can stand"........i thnk its my favrit quote.

  5. Hi Sara, Happy Friday! I've liked every day since leaving a conventional job - 23 years of liking every day - wow! But I guess Friday is a favorite knowing my husband will be around for the weekend - he's my best friend.

    Your son's a chip off the old block!


  6. P.S. I'd love that little raccoon in my back yard - what adorable cards!

  7. BackyardNaturePhotosDecember 10, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    You are a "deer" and thanks for featuring my little friends. God bless you.

  8. Omg! The raccoons r jus cute! As for the featuring LTs.... I'm speechless, and humbled. What an honor! Kca' Migwech! Stacy (aka LT, and soon to be known as Metallic Flame Studios, LLC)

  9. Missed this one 'island' is a grouping of pictures on the wall in my office. Whenever I need a minute of calm, I just look across to pictures of Vieques, from the first trip. The feeling of pure relaxation and utter freedom I had the first time I visited there can never be recreated...but it's darn close every time we go back!