Friday, December 3, 2010

Favrit kid holiday memry anybody?

Aw evn th most dysfnctnl famlys have ther holiday momnts, I think. when I evn THINK the wrrd 'dysfnctnl'(evn tho i cant spell it, see ystrdays blog) i think of my own fam growing up. crazy drinkng way too mcch at evry singl famly get-tgethr, while i was th sunday scool yeh THAT mixd welll.....and NOW? BAHAHAHAHA thay all go to chrrch now all settld in.....while I do not step foot in a 'chrrch'. dont get me rong, I'm safe wth my God. but it has indeed come full-cyrcl! lol

ther is a blessed memry. It was , in hindsite, to be th last christmas I was a 'kid'. The last christmas we, me my mom and my littl brothr, wod be th 3 musketeers. my mom askd me wt my christmas wish was. and I told her it was a ring. I wantd a silvr and turquos ring from my mom. what littl girl asks that??? lol but I despratly wantd it. My siwy iwiot brothr wantd a tape playr, yuo no, 1 of thos cool 80s 'boom boxes' tthat also recorded tapes.

christmas morning, we got em! my ring was perfct. we proseeded th day in 3 musketeer retard style. mom put on elvis blue christmas and we all sang it in tw's(my brothr) boom box, recording. mom sang elvis and we wer th back up singrs.
tthen we TRYD like a THOWSND times to sing 'oh come al ye fathfl' and codnt get past the 'OOOOOOHHHH ' cos of how my mom sang it. we eruptd into a fit of giggls and tto ths day i dont thnk any of us can sing ttht song.
we had anothr fam tradishn that ws born of not havng food whn i ws yunger but became sch a cool tradishn, chek it owt. owr 'christmas dinner' was ALWAS hot dogs. chips an dip. on paper plates. no dishs. my mom ws too bisy playing. we went thru alot of shit bak then. but tthru evrthing she tot me to PLAY. make ttht priorty. and i do. well anywa, so tw drags his boom box onto tth table and we ar all crunchng owr chips as lowd as we can twards th mic. and tw is comentatng, like a sports annownser. 'this is tthe Nave famly at owr christmas dinner, we got 'burrrrrrp' (he ws so gros) awsom hot dogs an cheez, and thees *crunch crunch* tasty tater chips! mmmflpvrygfpgood!'
and he went on and on..........
tthat day was magic.

So how bowt yuo! comment and let me no yuor storys! i'd love to reed thm.


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welp thank yuo so mcch for sharing a cup of cofee wth me. Have a grate day!


  1. My mom has never been well emotionally, but she always managed to pull herself together around Christmas. For some reason, she would start to cheer up when the Sears Wish Book Christmas catalog appeared in the mail. She'd present that book to me in a ceremonial fashion and tell me to make a list that was reasonable and to choose carefully because Santa had lots of other children to bring things to.

    For many weeks prior to Christmas, I'd spend evenings lying on the black sofa with the covering that reminded me of poodle fur and study that book like it was an exam. Every page would be inspected, all the descriptions would be read and choices were discussed endlessly with my mom. My list would slowly be compiled and then revised over and over again until it was finally ready to be neatly written along with a letter to Santa.

    When the big day came, I don't think there was anything from my list that wasn't under the tree, and if something was missing, I never noticed. I was convinced there was a Santa Claus because I knew my parents had very little money and couldn't possibly buy all those gifts. I used this fact as proof to any older kids who didn't believe.

    When I got older, I discovered my aunts and grandparents had all been playing secret Santa. They would buy some of the gifts amd get them to my mom who would wrap them and sign them "from Santa".

    This is my favorite memory of Christmas not only because it was so much fun for me, but because of the transformation in my mom and the undercover role my relatives played.

    Thanks for getting me to think about this - was nice to remember!

  2. I have a great Thanksgiving story to tell, but no time now.....will post it on the thread when I get a chance

  3. I also grew up in a very poor and dysfunctional household. I can't share the dysfunction here, but I do remember we would always have pigs in blankets, which were mini cocktail wieners wrapped in biscuit dough. And homemade rocky road candy, where my dad would melt chocolate, poor it on wax paper, add mini marshmallows and nuts, and let it harden. As a kid I thought it was all so fancy and special.

  4. beutifl! thank yuo for sharing! karen wwhat a lovly story!
    vikotas i wil be lokng!
    felicity, evn thru th 'ruff' its wondrful to find some rainbows and smiles yes? that is lovly, truth! my dad made homemade fudge and i rmbr being alowd to scrape th pan! and while he ws poring i wd beg 'dont scrape daddy!', i wantd as mcch fudge lft in tthat pan as possibl. *big smile*

  5. When I was a kid my fondest memory was before my Mom met an abusive man to invite into our home. Back when it was just me and my Mom. Every year we would go to my Grandma's for the big family Christmas. A family tradition is Brick-O-Mac, which is a baked mac and cheese recipe that has been passed down. Every year my Grandpa burns is so you have a dark brown top to it, well this was the year we named it Brick-O-Mac because it was so over cooked we figured you could throw it against a wall and it wouldn't break! Every year we also tease my Aunt about being adopted (She really isn't! Long story short my Mom and Uncle convinced her that she was because she didn't have a baby book but the truth of it was that my Grandma had 2 other kids and just plain out had no time!) So we would add on to what her REAL parents were like every year. Well on this particular night after the festivities were over and we went home, we set out Santa's Milk and cookies. And the carrots for the reindeer, and went off to bed. The next morning when I woke up I checked the milk and cookies, sure enough they were gone. Then out to check the carrots, gone as well. But then I noticed these small footprints... they every where! When I looked up on the roof they were all over the roof as well! So then I knew the reindeer were there and had come to eat their carrots! My Mom to this day will not tell me how she did it, I have asked several times in my adult life and she just wont budge!

  6. MYST! STELLAR! thanks for sharing *hart*

  7. Sara, you are an inspiration =-) Thank you !
    I was so very blessed to have a wonderful loving family, we had our issues but nothing of import. Weren't rich but had all we needed and then some .
    And Christmas was always my favorite time. We got lots of great gifts but it was the family gathering with all the love and laughter that was the best part. I lost both my parents way too early and will continue to miss them everyday but I have so many loving memories and that is the best gift .