Monday, November 29, 2010

Swing for the Wall!

Cyber Monday. Heer we are, in 11am hour, and we are all gettng finger cramps, promoting, begging, and tryng to get frends to assist promoting. No holds barred. Balls to the wall. Let the games begin.

I'v prepared fr tday with a promo code, BLACKFRIDAYDEAL 25% off any order, offering free shipping, and AND my BOGO. Buy one get one free! This is an awesome way to bild your  own wall grouping. Think 1 11x14, a cup 8x10s, and a 5x7 to complete the look. I will assist yuo and will ALWAS give a discount for wall groupings. and gettng my christmas card offers up too. So I'm swingin for the wall, throwin the Hail Mary, and goin for the game win 3-point.

As we all are, heer in cybercrazyland.

A small note about my giveaway, coming up and how it will resolv. At midnite Dec 1, all bets are off, the time on comments will cut off entrys. I will set up the giveaway. To randomize it, I will get evrybody's names and give yuo numbrs, those of yuo who did the 2-steps will get 2 numbers. I will use to pull the winning number.

I'm totly being selfish today! We are all allowd. I was featured in a blog! *much clappng and lauds* Photogrunt included my pic, Tranquility, in his choises and i'm very prowd. I get to use a badge, and want to figur out how to add it permntly. but heer it is in all its coolness.
sereusly cool. and pleez chek out his blog.

OK! WORKY WORKY! all my stuff. Keep in mind, these are awsome prints, but are avalable as card sets too.

THIS photograph was featured in the fashion e-magazine, VivaLaModa! Go to the Past Issues, January 2010 issue #7 I'm on page 13, check it out!

one of my most popular

Limited editions, all are numberd

beautifl cards

beautifl cards
and like i sed earlyr......rite now, there is alwas a deal to be had!
Thank yuo for sharing some morning coffee with me. Have a grate day!

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