Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spoild ROTTEN~yep its me

I no I no.
spoild american girl.

I have grown up in rural west central Illinois witth wide open spase and rivers to play in. Mud btween my toes in th summer and snow to play with in th winter. Where I grew up had crisp air, no smog, and trees tht wer not planted.
OH. And one mor vry importnt thing.......i'm a true blue Aquarius thru and thru.  

So when I go into a Kroger or a WalMart, I NEED tthat 3feet bubbl of persnl spase! NO TUCHY! BOMP BOMP BOMP!!!!! NO TUCHY!
I will smile annd if yuo need help i will shurly help yuo. drectns? wher is th neerest potty? yep i can help. but NO TUCCHY!!
WHY do peepl thnk it is totly ok to PUSH past?? I'm not talkng a brush-past lite tuch. i'm talkn a hafway pull my arm owt of its socket and NO 'pardon' anywher in site!
My kids cod say exuse me whn tthay wr stil in dipers! On tthe REEL! sersly! 'Beg pardon','Pardon me', 'Exuse', 'So sory'.......HOW many ways!
I no. ther are countrys wher that 3ft bubbl is not a given. and if i evr GO to thos plases I promis to be an extremly polite gest. why? COS IM A POLITE PERSN. I may be blunt. a tad abrupt somtims. but always POLITE. and I will give yuo persnl space the size of Montana Sky.

And ther is no apolgy to this. I'm a spoild rotten American girl. When I walk owt my door, I am in my chrrch and prasing the Gods that I CAN be gratefl.

me, sane

me, INsane
the edit to this rant? lol NO TUCHY whn yuo go owt! respect eechothr! and if yuo happn to heer a crazyass blond brain damajd polock screeming 'NO TUCHY', c'mon up and introdus yuorslf. *smile* be polite!

OK! worky worky! Today's faves! You are going to LOVE this designer as mcch as me i promis!
Eco Chic Fashion Designs Ethereal Whimsical Romantic by colorada

Thees 2 items are the dressyr, she has the relaxy lovly also. frankly I cod live in her clothes and be happy.  Her designs have been on the catwalk as well, as resent as this February, '10

This is the place for lovely christmas ornaments! just take a look!

Thees are just the pics I grabbed. You have to check this awsome shop out!

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Sending polite happy thots to ya all! Thanks for sharing an afternoon coke with me. Have a grate day.


  1. I don't like to be touched while out and about either. I have anxiety so a crowded store already gets me uncomfortable, let alone the pushing and people being rude just makes it all the more worse.

  2. Nice blog. If you think it's bad here try going to Korea where you are literally handled like a piece of meat. Not that you'd want to go to Korea!