Friday, November 12, 2010

Test time

Think i'l pass? I'v ben studying! *grin*
yes, today i get scanned, and 6 owt of 10 neuro tests done. whch is kinda like graduating to 2nd grade cos i dont have to do 10 owt of 10.

I'm not wrryd that cancer will be found. honstly. im not. reely. I am howevr a tad nervus of other things poppng up. last october, it was scar tissu that had to be radiatd. last april, it was a tummy that desided to retire and quit wrrking. so many littl things we all take fr makes yuo take notise whn 1 at a time, thay go away. and im 41. lol. so. ther's some perspective!

heer is my latest treasury. ben a few days sins i made one. i love makng thees. but i codnt get my brain to wrrk.
i think ths is so 'pretty-ful'.

Silver and Gold Decorations

I will have to do my 'todays finds' later. I gota go in a few .

Heer are a few of my own treasures to offer yuo.


Thanksgiving card set

beautiful cards or send me YOUR favrit pic to create your christmas cards!

OK, keep in mind, we have a big giveaway we are counting down to!!!
Click heer to get in on the giveaway! follow the eezy instructns!

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