Friday, November 19, 2010

Through MY Eyes

Your Life Is Now by Mellencamp on iLike Myspace Music

This is one of my most favrit songs ever. But the video is so horibly disturbng I wont post it. Its not just a 'oh i dont like' video. its horifyng. Disturbng on the level of messing wth my sleep. THAT bad.

I can honstly say I'v never seen that Mellencamp video til tonite, when I lookd it up to post on this blog. I wasnt going to discus videos. but ohmyfreeknggod! *laffing*

Yeh, I want to see and feel this world thru MY eyes.

The reeson I was looking up the song! The "Now". How many times in your life have you sed 'I'll be able to do that after i ....", "I'l be abl to save for a trip after i pay off my car", I'l be able to take a class after I finish this", I cant do this, I have to do tthat first.

Nxt thing we no, its 5years LATER. Get nowhere while the gettin is good. My dad used to say that. He new alot about wasting time, wasting life and regrettng it later.
Thats where you live. and HERE. thats how you live. so get to it! What do you want? not in a year. not in five. what do you want? Yuo are not garanteed tomoro. But we are all able to become immortal.
WHO are yuo?
see it. be it. make it. take it.

OK.  I totly had a whole other thing I wantd to yabber abowt with yuo while sharing coffee but all this crap came owt. so we will wate.
Its worky worky time!

I love shopping. Can yuo tell? I've found a designer who's clothes you will want to grab too.
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Beutiful. Uber-stylish. and rockin lovly.

PinkPong is a shop out of Turkey but with $2 shipping to evrywhere? You can swing it. Just look at these nauty but nice little numbers and tell me your not wanting to click away! starting at $3.90????

The entire order, wth shipping, cod be as little as $6.10? Get OUT! This is MY christmas stocking of choise!

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Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me! Have a grate day!


  1. Hi,
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  2. Love the park bench picture!!!

  3. You're right, the official version of the music video is AWFUL! I found another though...try this one.