Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Remember.....Veterans Day

A blessd day to all.
My own family is rich with veterans. so this is a day of honor. thanking them for service. We also broden that as we see our comunity, owr service peeple across seas, still fiting. Our politics must be set aside when we look at the troops. Our harts must be humbled and contrite. The sacrifice some famlys are making is ultimate. and we must not dirty it up by yelling owr own persnl agenda upon tthat. Ther is a time and plase for politics. I persnly do not thnk Veterans Day is that plase.


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i see alot of pet product sites. I like this becos of the ". Creature Collars are hand sewn, durable and adjustable. I use only high quality cotton fabrics, grosgrain, heavyweight nylon webbing and curved hardware, for a comfortable and safe fit" in the shop annownsement. My dog is about 80pnds. and when I buy a collar or leesh for him, safety is utmost in my mind. i want strength. i want to be able to TRUST that this is going to keep him safe and others safe when we go out. I like the care that goes into eech peese that is made.
 THIS shop is a FAVE. I own a lovely beutifl silk scarf signed by the artist. Its delicate and decadent at tth same time. It comes wrapped, below, already perfct for gift giving.
Isnt it beutifl?

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