Monday, November 15, 2010

The Conspirasy of The Chips Ahoy Choclat Chip Cooky

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Go get your morning cuppa fave fuel, and....

Folow me, if you will, on this little adventur.

You want a cooky. Not 'any' cooky. The signatr taste of the Chips Ahoy choclat chip cooky. When yuo crave this cooky, nothng els will do . Yuo mite as well give in. You cod try to be good and have a cupl of those Weight Watcher cookys that are 'the same tast but less calorys and bettr for you'.....but you alred no what will happn.

You will eat the entire box. and will STILL be craving the Chips Ahoy choclat chip cooky.

So you mite as well give in and just go get some. Bring the bag home. Give it a loving look. Open it up. and totly intend to be good. Take exacly 4 cookys, whch anybody who eats cookys will tell yuo, is the propr cooky serving size.
But Chips Ahoy has a conspirasy. Thay have alred prostitutd you. Thay have your price. Now, thay have YOU in THER hands. not the other way arownd, as you assume holding those cookys in YOUR hand. You go to your chair, wherevr you may be, doing whatevr you may be doing........say perhaps, wrkng on a blog for a photography biz, just hypothetcly.........and you bite into 1.

what happens.

is the conspirasy.

The cooky will ALWAYS brake exacly into 3 peeses. forsing you to hesitntly but quickly deside to shove 2 of th peeses directly into yuor mouth. now yuo have 1 mor bite of a cooky tthat shod hav ben at LEEST 4 bites! you've ben robbed! robbed of cooky satisfactn! how can yuo be satisfyd of this awful cooky jones that IS the Chips Ahoy choclat chip cooky when yuor 4-bite per cooky-4 cooky per serving has ben vilated and robbed??!!

oh the agony!
You must now eat thos slutty, pimpin cookys and atempt to savor and satisfy yuor phscl need with what yuo have. And try yuor best not to hover over the bag in the kitchen.

OOOOOKAYYYY!!! worky worky! i love this. gettng to brows arownd, lookng at shops i love and sharing them! FUN! ok this erly morning pics!
The time and soul that flows intto eech item created by Dennis' hands can be felt upon holding it. The resonanse speeks to yuor hart frome these keepsake worthy peeses.
a PERFECT gift for th kiddos to hold all the christmas stuff

this exquisit trinket box ....oh i hav no words! but you can SEE how lovly a gift it wod make!

awsome gift for the wine lover, a must in evry party hosting kitchen

absolutly fit for a bride

jusst look at th quality of this!

she has grate talent as a jewel artist.....and yuo all no my love of butterflys!

Thees are "Best Frend Worthy"!!!

 I hope yuo enjoyd perusing with me, and sharing your morning coffee.


  1. Thank you so much for the morning laugh! I enjoyed reading about the conspiracy! You are so spot on with that! For the record, WW cookies suck, no flavor at all.
    Thank you also for featuring me on your blog, twas quiet unexpected and a very pleasant surprise.
    You're the best!!

  2. Enjoyed your blog Sara! Great job. I agree with you about CrippleCreekWoodWork and SonoraKay. They both do wonderful work.

  3. Sara-You are a total hoot!
    Keep it up.

  4. this is a heartwarming post - such love and support abounds. Not to mention the QUALITY and beautiful products! Big Box Store WHAT? Who? Nuh uh. Buy & Support handmade!

  5. My hubby works for Nabisco---so I'll put in a good word for you, Sara! LOL Ever try the mini-bites???? LOL Keep warming our hearts! And photographing the beauty you see!

  6. YES pleez put in a good wrrd for me! lol and tthank yuo all for yuor supprt! *laffng* hugs all arownd!

  7. 4 cookies!! Jeezz...thought that was a secret! Love the blog.....

    Hugs, more hugs and "fast" wheels!

  8. Great shops & love the cookie story =)