Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Cod Be Wors! lol

yep, i took a tumbl in owr kitchen, whch is linoleum ovr convceet. very unforgiving. 3rd time i fell. my blood pressr just drops at th most inoprtune times. so now im sportin a concussn, sore sholdrs and back, and head. so bare with me

Give me feedback on this. Do you want free items? are yuo willing to do a few small things to get them? are you willing to donate an item to be given?I want to PAY IT FORWARD, to honor all those who have gottn me this far. 
Think. how many times have yuo ben tuchd by smbody who yuo reely didnt evn no ther name.

mabe yuo want to give an item 'in honor of', or in memry of. i'm asking for the smallest item in yuor shop . My hope is we have a spurring on of good deeds. watch this and be moved to act. We are only heer for such a short time. how will you spend it?

My freebee is decorating a kids room. i showed yuo things ystrday of the cutsy stuff. but what if yuo have a teen, or a preteen?
One of my best, and part of a groop of cats, $25, free shipping to USA and CANADA

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 w/$6 shipping

$20 and free shipping in USA and CANADA

8x8 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 w/$4 shipping

Part of a groop, stellar posters $40 free shipping

Those that are in groops, let me no if you are intrested in seeing the groop. If you are intrested in having the prise of only the 1 print, agen let me no. mix and match is alwas fun to create your own cool grouping.

also, I'm a specialist in Vintage Restoration. Whats that? Give me your treasures. Let me work wth thees delicate memories. yuo will get your own photos back. AND. you will get a dvd of your photography, cleend up and beutiful. I will also give you a CD tthat yuo can take to wal mart or walgreens or wherevr and make as many copys as yuo want! how bowt that.


  1. I would be happy to donate a giveaway item...

  2. Kathy thanks so much! i hope this gos like wild fire