Monday, May 7, 2012

We all feel grate when we do somthing out of th ordnary, above the call, rite? you get the hero-fevah and the only prscriptn is more cowbell! no, wate, the only prescriptn is a worthy cause.

Our world has seen such devastashn in the past few years that you wonder if the greeks have it rite and thay ARE warring up ther and throwing crap down heer!

I fownd a very cool way to become a global hero for $1. YEP! Asking for $1. WHY? cos we can alll do that. not askng for $10, or $25, or $50 with a silly name like 'silver' or 'gold' or platnum. but the name you will be given is HERO. GLOBAL HERO.

Heer is Kathy Fry, In her own words......

Hello Friends!

It has been over two years since a devastating earthquake struck in Haiti.  The initial outpouring of aid immediately following the disaster was amazing, but there is still so much to be done.  Over 500,000 people are still living in tents, under tarps, or in temporary shelters.

We have been looking for a way to get involved in the work being done in Haiti since the earthquake struck.  Since Dennis is a builder, he naturally wanted to get connected with a group that is doing hands-on work.  Through our research we learned about a group called The Haven Partnership.  Haven is a Non Governmental Agency (NGO) from Ireland that is partnering with groups including Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, International Federation of the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Plan International to build new housing and upgrade existing homes.

Haven has been working in Haiti since before the earthquake.  Founder Leslie Buckley visited the country during a business trip over 10 years ago and was shocked by the conditions he witnessed.  He and his wife Carmel started Haven in 2009, and the organization had staff on the ground when the earthquake struck.  Haven’s work in Haiti immediately switched to emergency relief after the quake and they have continued to work on other projects along with the rebuilding efforts.

From Haven's web site:  "With their existing network in Haiti, Haven was in an ideal position to help with the initial disaster relief in Port au Prince and the ongoing rehabilitation. Working with other major aid agencies Haven has taken a lead in providing for the needs of the people affected by the earthquake with regards to shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)."  The organization works exclusively in Haiti, taking a systemic approach to helping solve the root problems of poverty in the country through disaster relief and recovery, building transitional and permanent shelter, providing basic sanitation facilities, employment and training for local residents, and offering community development workshops, all with the goal of helping Haitians lift themselves out of poverty.  You can learn more about this worthwhile organization by visiting their web site at

Dennis will be traveling to Haiti in early May for Haven's "Build It Week".  Volunteers from the U.S. and Ireland will be teaming up to spend a week assisting with rebuilding efforts.  Each volunteer is required to raise $5000 to participate in Build It Week.  The majority of funds raised go toward materials for the projects the team works on, and a portion covers travel and living expenses for the volunteer.  We are asking for your help in raising the needed funds for this trip.  We have set up an account at the Westby Co-op Credit Union (WCCU) in Richland Center.  You can send a check or money order to Housing for Haiti Fund, c/o WCCU Credit Union, PO Box 110, Richland Center WI 53581.  We have also established a PayPal account dedicated solely to raising funds for Haven.  You can make a donation through PayPal by sending funds to  Finally, if you would rather send a check directly to us, you can make it out to Housing for Haiti Fund and send it to Dennis and Kathy Fry, 21952 County Highway SR, Richland Center WI 53581.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in helping.  We greatly appreciate your help, and welcome your donation, no matter how small.  "Drops of water turn the mill...singly none."

Thank you!

Dennis and Kathy Fry

SO. see how yuo can be a hero? $1. tthats all I'm asking. 

thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee wth me! Make it a grate day!

$35, with $3 shipping at

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