Friday, May 25, 2012


My fingrs on the keypad. My eyes driftng in spase. still shakng off th groggy frm sedashn. pain levl of a solid 7.

and how are yuo tday?

answer tthat truth. too oftn we are askd tthat and we ar expectd or we THNK we ar expectd to say 'oh fine, and yuo?'. tdays assinemnt for yuo is to anser tthat truthfly at leest 1 time tday. and come back and tell me wat happnd. whn we allow owr self imposd protectiv layers to be pulld back a bit, we mite be srprised. we mite find a person who reely cares. or somebody who is hrrting too and needs a kindrid soul. yuo just nevr no.

OK! lets get to wrrk! Pleez take a look at this blog, Butterfly In The Attic, that has featurd my parrot print, it is so cute! a fun blog.

Heer is a peek into my cute littl shop for my newest listings
Cant get enuff, $35, with $3 shipping

Too fun, $20 free shipping

Deep $35 with $3 shipping

Go Fish! $20 free shipping

AND NOW.......

I'v fownd a lovly littl shop with a varity of pillows, purses and photography! too cool, come check owt JanandPaulCreations with me........
whimsical at $32 with $5.35 shipping

Lovly at $19 with $3 shipping

how cool is THS! $18 with $5.50 shipping

Simply gorgus, $14 with $5 shipping

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wtth me ths morning. Make it a grate day!

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