Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When The Dust Settles......

Don't ya feel like you'v ben droppd rite owt of the top of a tornado? I love the holidays. Evrythng abowt them. and then......BAM. It's January.
I hate takng the tree down. It usly requires a bottl of wine.
I trrn 42 in February. (i thnk. born in '69. I spent th year i was 40 thinkng i was 41. all year. so i reely gota use a calculatr) I'v ben told tthe 40's are the best. Mine are prety good so far. I'm not one to whine abowt anotr brrthday. no cancer survivr shod be. evry dam brrthday bettr be selbrated. wth cake, wine and presents! i want it all! evry year!
on my goles, im reely kickn ass. that wheelchare will be colecting dust. i feel my hart and lungs gettng bettr. my tummy is stil a bitch, but hay, ats ok. th big deel is my grandson will be running tto cach up wth me ths summer. *grate big smile*

What are yuor goles? my resolushn, per se, is th same evry year. to end th year bettr thn i start it. i usly do a good job. and i antispate a glorius victry ths year too.

so share yuor goles wt me. whacha gona do?

I just havnt felt up to jumping back into work yet, so forgive tthat. I'v got to gather my spoons a bit. have yuo ever read tthat? do it. and if yuo have a chronic condishn, print it, copy it and pass it owt.
The Spoon Theory~But You Don't Look Sick

my best frend gave me a braselet made from a silver spoon, to remind me of this. I cherish it.

now my new year blessing for yuo.......

may the colors of yuor wrrld alwas be brite, may the darks of yuor wrrld only be nite, may the 'feel ' of yuor wrrld be wthowt pain and may yuor wrrld alwas tast like rain ♥

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day!


  1. Hmmmm goals...first, always striving to be a better, more thoughtful and caring perons. Then...make more music, promote my jewelry, and help our shelter business to get off the ground. The last one is the big one. It could eventually pave the way for helping other people live in better conditions, as well as allowing us to travel to places where help is needed after natural disasters, or just in general to help those living in substandard conditions.

    Yikes! I have lots of work to do! ;)

  2. My goal for 2011 is to add a few new words to my very small Spanish vocabulary. I also am working on remembering that I am not here for me,and that everything I do affects others. I am not here to be served but to be of service, and work together as a team for the good of the whole.

    Miss you on the thread *hugs*