Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Morning~ Good Morning~ Good! Wah!Wah!Wah!

A little Sgt Pepper ther for ya. Ok, get used to THIS. I want to start evry new post wth a link to the giveaway extravgansa TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT! click heer and follow instructns
Aint he cute! One of my faves, available on my site Through Sara's Eyes etsy shop
I have a 'buy 1 8x10, get the 2nd 8x10 free' sale and free shipping in the USA if you buy more than one set.

We are knee-deep in January, ot to be still engrossd in yuor resolushns. what are thay and how ya doin? lets cheer eechothr on! im doing exselnt and will be selling or donating that wheelchare by summer. and my resolushn is to end th year bettr than whn i start it. so im reely lokng fwrrd to that.
so jump rite in! tell me bout it.

In the wake of the vilense, we need some 'feel-good' power. Tmoro on my blog, I'd like to start a good deed turn chain. whacha think? are ya in? got some ideas? help me owt!


This shop was in my frrst ever treasury. it was called "Vintage Grit" and was uber-coolness. Flame Angel's shop had just what I needed for a killah dress. and heer it is.

She is now getting the brake tthat all desiners dream of......she will be at a fashion show this weekend in LA. It's at the Troubador Sunday night, (the 16th) It will be a night of music and fashion, check out the event on FB: The Rock and Roll Glamour Show.

HOW COOL IS THAT! and of cors im all impressd wth myslf for caching erly on how uber-cool this girl's talent is. bahahahaha

Ok, one of my other valentine offerings. This is a desidedly 'emo' peese. it was composed tthat way. I think it speeks to alot of ages tho. Tell me what yuo think.

I promise my blogs will be more of what thay wer befor. I am currntly storing up spoons.
Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!

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