Saturday, January 22, 2011

a call for positiv vibes for my bestest

TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT mega giveaway! click heer and folow directns!
If you are a shop owner and wod like to get in on the giveaway fun, contact me.

Ok, I don't care if Illinois is rankd bottom, I want this win like ther is no tomoro! 
I am a sad displased Illini in the land of Buckeyes. The Nut State. I have lots of 'off color' jokes. I'l save them. one of them replases the 'b' with an 'f'. yes, fans are rabid.

Ok, so how is yuor weekend going? We have had th abilty to bless eech of owr 5 kids this week, and fr tthat i am grateful.
My bestest frend, howevr, has "relapsd by millimeters".....her wrrds. She was told at her scans that a lymph node grew to th point of needing treetmnt acording to the clincl trial she is in for folliculr NHL. and tho we new tthat 're-treeting' was alwas a honstly did not entr owr minds. we wr tthat confident. Rituxan is still the choise fr treetmnt. This "   monoclonal antibody that has been used by thousands of patients worldwide. And it has been used for over a decade to treat certain types of NHL. RITUXAN specifically targets a marker (called CD20) on the B-cells in which most non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) starts." (copyd for eezy reeding)
So. I am prayng fr a fast trip back to NED(No Evid of Diseese) for my frend.
And I'd like to encurag yuo all to pay atten to keeping RIT treetments avalable to patients.

Heer is my 'today' flower.

Heer are some of my favrit offerings. all at Through Saras Eyes
this and the folowing 2 are a grouping, avalable starting in 3 8x10s for $30

This is called "Color Bringer" and is the exact photo as below.
I love this vibrant painting

Gorgeous rendition of leopard print lingerie in stunning pop couture, starting at $20

Limited Edition, only 100 will be sold at $30 starting

I am going to hilite the shops in our giveaway. fun fun fun! *smile*
Frrst up to bat, is my co-curator and title author, Juliet Armstrong. Visit her shop and enjoy the decadent offerings.
This is my favrit. The antiqued egyptian aura is stellar. $50 with free shipping in the USA

Thees are the earrings Juliet is offering in the giveaway! a gorgus $35 value!

The beyond-beutiful color of this keeps it delicate as a statement peese. $60 with free shipping in the USA

Welp, tthats all tthats fit to print tday!
Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!

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