Friday, January 28, 2011

Outrite begging is ok......rite? *batting eyelashs*

Heer is the streemlined look of my mega-valentine giveaway. Click, and choose your prize, and then click THER and follow instructns.
Yes yuo CAN enter each giveaway!

'speshly MINE! ahem. M/I/N/E. sublmnl msg~~~~yoda style~~~~passng my hand across yuor fase......yuo want to click on that art print, yuo must have it.

ok so im tryng to be a good sport. i AM! no REELY!

hay, dos this happn to yuo? I go to a page to copy one item and then go to the other page to paste it........but while im doing ths? i 'hold' my finger up.......the one tthat swoopd the "copy? like i retardedly think it is in my finger! and i use that finger to paste it too.
anybody? do tthat too? eh? yuo in the back?

havng a yuk week breethng. blek.
and i'm on the 21 day prednisone pak. joy. so fr th 1st week i'l be speedng like crazy.then withdrawl sets in and i wil lock myslf up in my bedroom. lol

OK! enuf rambling!

A shop who is giving away a bracelet to owr valentine giveaway is Designs by NTJ
works in beading and has a speshl caus I want to share heer.

For every $25.00 you donate to my daugther's WALK TEAM
 I will send you a FREE BRACELET
Arthritis affects millions of people of ALL AGES!!! 
I am doing my part to find  a cure!
 She has her own mission and I thot that shod be hilited. Heers a few peeses of her wrrk.

This bracelet is $8
I did not see a prise for the necklases. But thay are lovely!
Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day! 

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