Wednesday, January 26, 2011



 Are you redy to have some fun? Here it is! Reed carefuly and if you have questns, just ask.

Deborah, our baby shop owner, sed to me that seprat pages and comment sectns for eech shop owner wod be much eezyr to handle. Awsom idea. Heer it is. Evrything is the same. just more streemlined.

Basic rules~ You must be 18yrs or older to enter. You may enter eech giveaway one time per 'add page'. Those shops who have 2 or 3 shops to add, you deside if you want to just add 1 for 1 chanse to win, or add th other pages and comment on those too for anothr chanse to win. 
If you alredy follow the pages? comment and SAY that, and you will get those same entrys.
Any winners outside of the USA may be subject to shipping charges only.
1. click 'follow' on THIS blog. Leave a comment for this giveaway.
2. choose what prizes you wod like to enter to win.
3. click on ther link, and follow instructns to enter that giveaway. It wil consist of following that person's page and commenting. thats it. 

I do my giveaways as eezy as possible. SO! Heer are the links!
Juliet Armstrong's To Your Hearts Content giveaway Page!
her prize to give away is this lovly pare of earrings!

 Heers my giveaway page! chek it owt! this is my most popular print! or you can choose a floral print!


Deborah's To Your Hearts Giveaway page!
her prizes to give away are 2 seprat sets of 2 bibs each! 2 prizes!

Thats the 1st set! 

AND THAT is the 2nd set!

Kathy Fry's To Your Heart's Content Giveaway Page
and her prize is this lovely set of seaglass, heart embelishd earrings


Designs by NTJ's To Your Hearts Content Giveaway Page
and that beutiful prize is this delicate pink braselet

The giveaway will be done on Feb 10, ' mom's birthday. *smile* I will stop taking entrys from all sites on Feb 9 at 6pm. I will then get evry name and assine numbers for eech giveaway section. I will use agen to choose a number, and that number will be final. All prizes will be announsd on February 10, '11 as soon as the draw is finishd.

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