Friday, January 7, 2011

Horror-careful posibl triggr content
Copy that and get rid of spases to read.

This isnt about pro or agenst guns. This is about the gross lack of human intelgnse involvd in putting an UZI into a child's hands!! Omg!

I grew up with guns. My kids did too. Gun safety is lernd. Having a gun in owr home meens the gun is apart and ammunishn is in a sepret plase.
And i wod nevr evr dreem of putting any assolt rifle into a child's hands.

I felt compelld to blog ths, it upset me so.
My prayrs ar with this famly during ths sensless tragdy.


  1. Hi Sara,
    I lived one town over from where this happened. The police chief that organized this gun show is a tool, he once accidentally shot a hole through a school library during a gun safety demonstration. In MA (and I hope elsewhere) it's against the law to furnish an automatic weapon to a minor. This was a horrible and senseless tragedy and I hope he's held accountable.


  2. Thank yuo fr posting Felicity. My head is still reeling at this unspeekabl aact of irrespnsblty all th way frm th gun show to th parrents filming! An uzi in a child's hands...............