Sunday, January 9, 2011

What color is the sky of this world I live in?

A reprsentatv on this list is shot at point blank range, along with sevrl other victims including the death of a little girl.
The shock of this vilent act is rocking thru America shurly as if it wer a 9.5 earthquake.

And heer is MY questn. WHY is that map allowd, and not considerd insiting hate?
My questn comes from this.

What wod happn if I HAD PUT IT UP on my website?

What do yuo think wod have happend?

The shooter will be found derangd or schizofrenic or othrwise mently unwell.
he shot up a bunch of peeps! Of CORS hes not rite.

Shod that exuse all the hate rhetric being thrown arownd? It is time to take rsponsblty for 'free speech' Yuor words and actns, if hate inflaming or targetng,is NOT protectd.
THER ARE legit reesons to be republcn and democrat and indepndnt.
Tther is NO LEGIT reeson to insite hate and action agenst other partys like we have ben witnessng.
This is not just a palin rant. It gos so mcch further.

After what happend, a rep being shot at point blank range, i can see the public relashnship of govrmnt and the peepl forevr changd. How can any of them feel remotly safe at a public "anythng"? How can we expct them to? We have seen guns prowdly brandishd at rallys for Obama. Aftr Dr Laura resined her show for using the 'n' word more than 10 times, Palin was quoted saying "Dont retreet! Reload

I see a changd 'free America'. With grately armd polise evrywher. Go to the store and see a soldier with an uzi. How far are we from tthat realty?

Is this reely 'free speech'? Can we be real with owrselvs and look at that map with names and addresses and crosshairs aand say "aw its ok. She didnt REALY meen it. And 'sides its free speech"

What if yuor naybor starts disliking yuor vew of politics and makes a map.....with yuor name and address and posts it on facebook, saying this is who we need to take out join me!

Thank yuo for being with me on this fritening morning. prayrs to all the victims in Arizona.


  1. Last week two teens were arrested nearby for making posts on Facebook threatening to harm people at their school. It's exactly like you said, if Sarah Palin was a high school student and put up a map on Facebook with threatening language, she would be suspended and arrested. But she's not a high school student, she's an adult and a public figure, she should know better. I hope she rots!

  2. I didn't see the map, but I get the idea. Prayers going out to the victims and their families.

  3. thank yuo fr postng lisa.
    and Felicity, it is so true! evn if I, as an adult!, had postd that map, im prety shur i'd had a cupl MIB at my door!

  4. So true. It's sick that she put something like that up. She would have gotten arrested if she was a normal person. Definitely praying for the family of those poor victims.