Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Are you redy to have some fun? Here it is! Reed carefuly and if you have questns, just ask.

AND SHOP OWNERS! I AM STILL TAKING GIVEAWAY ENTRYS! I wod love to get this as big as I can! And I wod love to make it a yearly thing!

OK here is the list of pages yuo can visit and click "follow" and leev a comment saying yuo are partisipatng in the Valentine giveaway. VERY IMPORTANT to say you are partisipating in the valentine giveaway cos that is how I will asine numbers for the drawing.
Yuo must be at leest 18yrs or older.
Yuo are allowd 1 entry per page, regarding eech prize. For example, I am giving away my most popular print "Hide my heart", so yuo can "follow this blog and my facebook fan page for 2 entrys. Make shur to comment and make it undrstood that yuo are partspatng in this giveaway.
If yuo alredy follow on both? Just comment heer and say that for my prize.

To enter to win the other prizes, click on THER pages that i list here, comment on ther page and stil comment this page to let me no which prizes yuo have enterd to win.
AND YES! You can enter all giveaways! 1 entry on each page.

Outside the USA and Canada, prizes are subject to shipping charges.

This is my co-curater of this giveaway and the owner of the title, Juliet Armstrong. ADD THIS PAGE to enter her giveaway Her giveaway item will be added by Jan 24th.
After you add her page, make shur to comment on this blog that you have enterd Juliet's giveaway.

Heer is Juliet's etsy shop, for you to browse arownd and get to see her products.
and THIS is her giveaway item!


This is an eclectic uber-chic shop for baby stuff. Don't expect boring bunnys and ducks!
Deborah's Cranky Cat facebook fan page, click "LIKE" to join for her giveaway, to be added by Jan 24th

Heer is Deb's Bonanza Booth, for you to browse
Deb's etsy shop Voodoo Kitten, for you to browse
I persnly can say that thees baby items are STELLAR. I got some fr my grandson and thay wer uber-cool! he was seresly rockin! and thay are durable for tons of trips to the washngmashine. And Deb is giving away 2 gift sets! Check it out!

 Thees 2 incredi-cool bibs are the 1st prize. so upon commenting state you are entering BOTH of Deb's giveaways!

 This is the secnd set! arnt thay awsom!!!

 After you have fanned Deb's facebook page, leeve a comment heer to say that you have enterd Deb's giveaway.


This is the facebook page to add for Kathy Fry, the sea glass artist we have, incredibl talent! CLICK HEER for her giveaway

 This is Kathy's etsy store, browse around and enjoy.
THIS is a pic of Kathy's giveaway prize!

Agen, I can persnly vouch for this jewlry, I own alot of it! the beuty of the gems Kathy chooses is unmachd. she carefully chooses only the best. Her talent and attentn to detale sets her above the rest in seaglass.
 After you have added Kathy's facebook page, leeve a comment on this blog that you have enterd Kathys giveaway.

We have another exsellent shop, Designs By NTJ, click heer to leeve your info, click there to see her wares. this is the braselet she is giving away. Be sure to come BACK to this blog and comment that you have entered her givaway.


THIS is MY fan page, click LIKE on it for 1 entry, and click FOLLOW on this blog for another entry to MY giveaway
If you have alredy, simply comment and tell me that so you are properly given 2 entrys.
My giveaway item is one of my most popular prints, on fine art lustre paper with my sig.
THIS photograph was featured in the fashion e-magazine, VivaLaModa! Go to the Past Issues, January 2010 issue #7 I'm on page 13, check it out!


The giveaway will be done on Feb 10, ' mom's birthday. *smile* I will stop taking entrys from all sites on Feb 9 at 6pm. I will then get evry name and assine numbers for eech giveaway section. I will use agen to choose a number, and that number will be final. All prizes will be announsd on February 10, '11 as soon as the draw is finishd.

I'm very exsited and proud! Good luck! And lets have fun! pleez re-post, share and if you'r a shop owner consider adding!

Thanks for having a cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!


  1. I have entered myself for each shop (dJuliet, Deborahs Crank Cat and Kathy Fry plus your blog and facebook page) THX Dana Keena, friend of Juliet

  2. It's good to see you up and running

    AKA Vikotas

  3. YES, Osdadv to see you back Sara =-D

  4. my beloved frends! Vikotas! Jan! pleez tel me what ones yuo want to enter!

  5. Hi Sara, just supporting and enjoying your blog. Oh and leaving hugs =-)

  6. Juliet's pieces are so unique and beautiful!