Thursday, January 6, 2011

Against the force of laughter, nothing can stand~Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens

I'm from west centrl Illinois. Land of Lincoln. Tom Sawyer tertory. River country.
My class had 48 peeps in it.
The main road came into the town from the junction and strate thru town over th bridge. Yuo cod dig all day long for arrowheads and find them. Yuo cod also watch bald eagles fish and dive bomb. I was riding my bike on th outskirts of town and a deer jumpd owt in front of me. scared the livin shit owt of both of us! Evrybdy new evrybdy. and most wer related. Yuo def did NOT date in town. yuo got imports. from a nayboring town. Owr phone book consisted of bowt 4 counties, and ruffly 20 or so towns. It was less than a haf an inch thick.
Evn tho the scool did not offishly close on deer season, the numbr of students drastcly nosedived.

Then I moved to th big city of Cincy. the phone book heer is 2 books and at leest 6inches eech! i live in cincy, but also deer park. (whch amuses me) yuo cod throw a rock in any directn and hit a grosry store. my favrit of city living is delivry food. lol

evrything is relative, isnt it.

Circmstanses wont make yuo happy. mabe it wil fr awhile. but yuo cant cownt on tthat. if yuo depend on yuor circmstanses, thay wil chanj. and yuor life wil be a see-saw. happyness is within yuo. a state of mind. in SPITE of yuor circmstanses.

What has gottn me thru tons of crap is humor. oftn, gallows humr. but i beleev what Clemens sed. even the Bible ses in Psalms tthat laughter is good for the bones.

this mite sownd like rambling tday, lol. but no mattr what is hapning in yuor life rite now, stop, take a deep breth, close yuor eyes.........and


yuo will be amazd at how good tthat littl therpy will help yuo.
Thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!

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  1. I like what you are doing here Sara. You are so talented and gifted. I love reading your stuff, you take me there with you. I wish you great success with this one too.