Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today, Yestrday, and Tomoro

Click heer and enter to win in owr Mega Valentine Giveaway! all self explantory and lodes of fun! more shops adding still
SO if yuo ARE a shop ad wod like to enter too, just contact me! i want this to be big and i want it to be an annual thing.

A new item i'm putting up, thot I'd show yuo first.....
last roses of the season. how tthay hold on! i admire the rose . it seems so delicat, beutiful. but the strength of this plant is amazng. thees wer photographed in December'10. and thay are STILL THER tday.
amazing grace.

We bot a new car this past week. intresting . Tom did all th reserch, desided on 2 he liked, regarding comfrt, usabilty, and eco-frendly. we dont have enuff moolah to get a hybrid. but we did get th nxt best thng. Honda Fit. brand new. im tickld, of cors. of cors ther was the dickering of prise. we wr paying upfront, whole cost, so we expctd a good discount. but yuo no plases dont make ther money that wway. thay WANT yuo to finanse fr 5 yrs. so th car ends up being twise of wt th sticker prise was.
wel, tom dickerd and got a cool 2k off th prise and all fees, taxes, etc included. and Jimmy from Jeff Wyler Colerain Honda, big shout out to yuo!!!! yuo da man Jimmy!

ok, got a treet for ya. Lets enter the uber-awsom world of SkullPixie
Gorgus charmer, $25 , $4shipping

of CORS yuo new i wod pick the butterflys! a lovly $16, with $4shipping

This choker is so decadent and delicate at th same time! $19, with $4 shipping

How long have yuo ben making jewelry?
I've only been making jewelery since the summer I'm 25 years old.

how did you get into this artform and what are future plans for your art?
I decided to go into more constructive textiles, art and constructing is my passion, that is why I took up jewelery making, I plan to make more mini tiara's and aim for the alternative market, I want to make themed pieces for an audience who want that something different for their wedding day, over the next coming weeks I will be listing new pieces.

what inspires you?
I'm very inspired by film and music especially heavy metal. Favorite films include Moulin Rouge, Alice in wonderland and the nightmare before Christmas, these films inspire me because of the amazing costume design and just the overall atmosphere of them, spooky romantic and quirky. I also try to incorporate current trends into my pieces such as colours or shape.

I love the edgy young feel of her style and look fwrrd to more!
Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me. have a grate day!