Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine Giveaway!

OK lets take a brake from all the insanity.

I'm hosting a big giveaway for Valentine's day. My birthday is Feb 13th also, so I want this giveaway to be extra speshal. So far thees shops are partisipating!
Through Saras Eyes (duh, mine)
Juliet Jewelry Design, she is my co-curator
Silver Beach Sea Glass
Voodoo Kitten

So, browse around these shops, we are all going to have some speshl items to give away. Pics of the items will be up by January 24. The Giveaway will be February 10. (my mom's bday. *grin*)
So far, rules will be must be 18yrs old or older
'follow' my blog, and my facebook fan page
and I will get the other shops' pages also. following and fanning will be it. I like giveaways EEEEEZY!

If you are a shop owner and wod like to partisipate, just let me no! the bigger, the better!

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!


  1. oooo! and YAY! 60 followrs now!!!

  2. Okay! It's coming together. When will it say To Your Heart's Content - when it's posted on Etsy? I'm going to try to invite some people to this

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  4. It will be proprly christnd when i get all th pages set up! Im wrkin on that tday

  5. I guess a Feb birthday qualifies you as a spring baby ;)

  6. I suppose your Feb birth date qualifies you as a Spring baby ;)

    ps not sure about sure how to post

  7. yes my beutiful frend! i AM a spring baby! *hart* on feb 13, ther is alwas a thaw and sunshine. evn if rite aftr, snow! lol