Monday, January 24, 2011

How Do Yuo Remembr?

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Im sitting heer rite now, forgetting. what I was doing, what I was going to rite about, someone I was going to call.........
and I cod haf-ass blame this on latent chemo-brain. but its not tthat. and I no it. Its brain farts. incurabl. bad prognosis. no treetment. jus gota suffer. and adapt. post-it notes evrywher. alarms set on my 'puter AND cell for evryday stuff like go chek on londry, take this pill or tthat pill, call myslf to leev a messag. So are ther any othr brain fart patients owt ther? cod we start a support groop? Frends Aceptng Ripping Thunder? F.A.R.T? ok, B.F.A.R.T.

Do yuo perhaps have a loved one you provide care for? caregivrs are the angels on earth, truth. This startd owt as a persnl blog and is a work one, but sometimes i feel the need to mix it up. so just ride the wave with me!

This is a rite I did on my lymphoma supprt bord. I thot I'd share it heer. Getting yuor emoshnl bucket filld. :)

OK! Heer is anothr shop in owr mega giveaway! Silver Beach SeaGlass by Kathy Fry takes seaglass art to a whole new level
Thees are the earrings Kathy is giving away, a $35 dollar value!

Gorgus lavender, $32 with $2 shipping

Deep Blue, $32, $2 shipping, this is gorgus!
adorable and whimsical, at $20 and $2 shipping

Obvesly this is one of my favritest shops. *smile*

ok. A few of MY offerings......I want florals rite now. Dont get me rong. Weather in all forms is intrestng and reminds me I'm alive. *grin* But when ther is only white in site, I long for color!

All of these are avalabl in diffrent sets. but if yuo wod like one of these alone, 8x10s start at $25.

Welp, I no its late. draggin today.
Im activly tryng to promote my readership. so I'm asking YUO, readers, to pimp me out. *laffing* give me to yuor frends! and to yuor frends' frends!

Have a grate day!

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